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Four-Year-Old Sets World Fishing Record in Wind River Mountains

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By Jimmy Orr, Cowboy State Daily

Move over Josh Allen. You’re not the only person with Wyoming ties to make the big time.

Four-year-old Caroline May Evans recently set the world record for golden trout in the International Game Fish Association’s “female smallfry” category — the category for anglers under the age of 10.

The association, in the latest edition of its book listing world record fish catches, said Caroline caught the 2-pound golden trout in the Wind River Mountains in July.

“Caroline caught this beautiful trout on a worm while fishing the mouth of a creek entering a lake,” the IGFA wrote. “With the guidance of her father, she was able to successfully land this amazing fish.”

Where she was specifically?  True anglers won’t tell you. 

The Wind River Mountains is all the association is giving up.

The IGFA reports that Evans’ family weighed the fish, took some photos of the catch, and then released it to live another day.

“Congratulations to Caroline and her family for a spectacular catch-and-release and an unforgettable day,” the association wrote.

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Wyoming Angler Obliterates “White Sucker” Fishing Record

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Although suckers may not be the sexiest fish in the world, like a great white shark or a barracuda, a record is a record is a record.

And Riverton’s Patrick Edwards now holds the state record for the largest “white sucker” caught in Wyoming.

The 5.6-pound fish annihilated the old record of 4.4 pounds and was caught by Edwards on March 20 in the Wind River.

How’d he catch it? A basic “pickle rig” with a weight, two hooks and two three-way swivels.

“I put a piece of nightcrawler on each hook, cast it out and let it sit right on the bottom near the seam of the fast and slower moving water in the river,” Edwards told the Wyoming Game & Fish Department.

Edwards said he weighed the fish at the Riverton Post Office, which was able to certify the size.

The official measurements were: 5 pounds, 6.45 ounces, 22 inches long with a girth of 13.5 inches.

Did he celebrate by having a white sucker sandwich?

Nope. But he did eat the record holder.

“The other cool thing we learned is that they do actually taste very good pickled,” Edwards said.

By the way, he’s not going to be in trouble for any social distancing violation.

He didn’t go with a group of buddies like the Billy Ray Cyrus masterpiece “Bait Shop.”

Rather, he was just out with his kids trying to get some fresh air.

I received something pretty special in the mail today. I never thought I’d hold a state record catch. It’s pretty cool….

Posted by Patrick Edwards on Wednesday, May 6, 2020

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