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Sheridan Legislator Says Recycling Is Waste Of Time; Most Ends Up In Landfills Or Illegally Burned

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Photo by Matt Idler

State Rep. Cy Western says he doesn’t bother recycling, except for aluminum. He said “greenies” do it because they want to feel good about themselves but they don’t investigate whether it’s truly beneficial — which it isn’t, he said.

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Will Environmentalism Stand In The Way of the Energy Transitions Environmentalists Want?  

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The goal of reducing CO2 emissions by transitioning to an electrical grid powered by wind and solar, and replacing gas-powered cars with electric vehicles, is going to require an enormous environmental impact of its own. Will environmentalists try to stop that too?

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Wyoming Congressional Candidate Hageman Gets Courtroom Win Against EPA

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A federal judge ruled in favor of Harriet Hageman and her client by refusing to throw out their case against the Environmental Protection Agency and its handling of the Gold King Mine disaster — which released 3 million gallons of acid mine drainage into a river — in Colorado.

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