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Mining Association Skeptical Of Study That Says Only 1 Coal Plant In U.S. Operates Cheaper Than Wind/Solar

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(Babock & Wilcox)

The Wyoming Mining Association’s Travis Deti said the study is problematic because it doesn’t factor in the costs of maintaining reliability on the grid. “The fact is, wind and solar just aren’t reliable,” he said.

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Senate Favors Letting State, Not Power Companies, Set Rates To Buy Surplus Renewable Energy

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(Matt Idler for Cowboy State Daily)

People with residential rooftop solar installations and those who work in the industry gave the Senate Corporations Committee an earful on a bill that would free electric utilities from being obligated to buy their surplus electricity. 

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Rail Engineers Say Poor Working Conditions Behind Labor Shortage That Stunted Wyoming Coal Production

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Wyoming lost out on 50 million tons of coal production last year because of limited rail capacity. Rail companies say a labor shortage prevented more shipments, but current and retired engineers say if the rail companies treated their people better, there would be no labor shortage.

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Lack Of Trains Cost Wyoming $100 Million In Coal Revenue In 2022

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Trains move coal from Black Thunder Mine in Wyoming's Powder River Basin. (Getty Images)

Wyoming coal mines would have produced about 300 million tons of coal in 2022, but were ultimately about 50 million tons short of that because there weren’t enough trains to ship it out. This translates to $100 million in lost revenue to the state of Wyoming.

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Legislator Wants To Reduce What Solar Customers Are Paid For Excess Electricity

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Sen. Cale Case has introduced a bill that would repeal net metering, which allows people who produce excess electricity from rooftop panels to sell it back to a utility. Case says it makes energy in the state more expensive and discriminates against the poor.

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Facing ‘Clear And Present Danger’ From Anti-Coal Policies, Wyoming Lawmakers OK More Money To Sue

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Photo by Robert Nickelsberg/Getty Images

The Wyoming Legislature had appropriated $1.2 million for Wyoming to sue other states that have regulations that harm Wyoming’s coal industry. A committee Monday approved a bill allowing the governor more broad authority to spend the money.

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Wyoming’s Official Position On Woke Capitalism: ‘We Are Agnostic’ When It Comes To Investments

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Four of the five members of the State Land and Investment Board. Photo by Matt Idler

Wyoming was an early critic of the anti-fossil fuels stance of “woke capitalism,” but now the official policy of the Wyoming Treasurer’s office is to put getting the best rate of return on state investments over politics.

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Wyo Truckers Concerned With California Truck Law That Bans All Trucks, Buses Made Before 2010

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Getty Images

Wyoming truckers are concerned with a new California law which bans all diesel trucks made before 2010, effective Jan 1. This will apply to any Wyoming truck driving through California, and states, such as Colorado, which often follows California’s lead.

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Wyoming Counties Want To Assess Property Taxes For Wind Farms

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(Photo by David Silverman/Getty Images)

Wind farm developers provide estimates of the property taxes a project will generate over its lifetime. County assessors say these estimates turn out to be far higher than the actual assessed values, and they want to have the authority to do the assessments on the county level.

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Energy Dept Gives More Taxpayer Money To Chinese Companies; Barrasso Demands Answers

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Photo by Jay L. Clendenin-Pool/Getty Images

U.S. Sen. John Barrasso is again calling for scrutiny of a company with strong ties to China receiving taxpayer money from the Biden administration’s Department of Energy as part of its green energy push.

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U.S. Coal Groups Say Blackouts In Europe & Energy Shortfalls In U.S. Prove Need For Coal

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The Naughton coal-fired power plant in Kemmerer. (Getty Images)

U.S. coal groups are banding together to push back against further shutdowns of coal-fired power plants. They say the blackouts in Europe and severe energy problems in some parts of the U.S. prove that coal is essential.

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After Feds Provide $24 Million For EV Charging Stations In Wyo, They’ll Only Support Them For 5 Years

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Unfunded mandate? After Wyoming receives $24 million from the federal government for EV charging stations, they’ll only support them for 5 years. Then Wyoming is on its own and projections show they won’t be profitable for at least 20 years.

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“We’re Number One!” — Study Ranks Wyoming No. 1 In Energy Inefficiency

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Photo by Michael Smith/Newsmakers

The American Council for Energy-Efficiency Economy released its annual ranking of states’ policy commitments to energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emission reductions. Wyoming was ranked highest in energy inefficiency, with a total of two points out of 50. 

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Woke Capitalism Takes Another Blow As Vanguard Withdraws From Climate Alliance

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Getty Images

Public pressure likely played a role in Vanguard pulling out of the world’s largest climate-finance alliance, one industry observer told Cowboy State Daily. Asset managers are realizing that the “last thing most people want is their retirement fund pushing progressive politics down their throats,” he said.

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Legislator Warns Wyoming’s Infrastructure Is “Unbelievably Vulnerable To Terrorism”

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In light of the attacks on the electrical grid in North Carolina over the weekend that left tens of thousands without power, a Wyoming state senator said Wyoming is “unbelievably vulnerable to terrorism and vandalism” to its infrastructure.

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Removal Of Coal/ Natural Gas Could Mean Wyoming And Neighbors Face Blackouts This Winter

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Getty Images

The elimination of coal- and natural gas-fired electrical generation removed 18 gigawatts of power from the Western grid. Energy assessments of Wyoming’s electrical resources and those of its neighbors are showing increasing risk of blackouts should the West face extreme cold this winter.

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Researchers Explore Turning Human Poop Into Clean Energy

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An outhouse in Mormon Row in Grand Teton National Park. (File Photo/Getty Images)

A lot of energy is getting flushed down the toilet, and now new processes are being developed to repurpose the sewage into usable energy. In Gillette, methane from the city’s wastewater treatment plant is captured and used to fuel the facility’s boiler.

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Chinese Ownership Of Lithium Mine In U.S. Raises Concerns; State Rep Upset That U.S. Ceding Market

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Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

A lithium mine in the U.S. owned primarily by a Chinese mineral company has upset many lawmakers including Green River State Rep. Scott Heiner. “Why would we continue to let them control the supply here in the U.S. and Wyoming?” he said.

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Fed Government Creating Portable Wind Turbines To Be Used In Military & Disaster Operations

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From left, wind turbine systems by HCI Energy, Uprise Energy and Deployable Advanced Renewable Power System

Col. Tucker Fagan (ret.), former commander of FE Warren AFB in Cheyenne, said he has concerns using portable turbines in military operations — instead of generators — as safety of personnel should be the top concern, not emissions.

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Study: Because Of Transition To Wind And Solar, Wyoming Could Begin To See Blackouts

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Photo by Montinique Monroe/Getty Images

A recent study said the elimination of coal- and natural gas-fired electrical generation has removed 18 gigawatts of power from the Western grid and another 26 gigawatts will be gone by 2032. Add in the expected increase demand and blackouts will likely occur in the next decade.

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Noting Similarities To Wyoming, Kenyan Farmer Blasts “Elitist” Hypocrisy On Fossil Fuels

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Jusper Mochuga, Courtesy Photo

Jusper Machogu, a Kenyan farmer, said he’s tired of the hypocrisy of wealthy Western countries lecturing Africa about fighting climate change. He says the only way for Africa to rise out of poverty is the same way Western nations did it — with fossil fuels.

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Judge Rejects Teenagers’ Claim That Their Rights Are Being Violated Because Of Fossil Fuels

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Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

A judge in the Third District Court of Utah has dismissed a lawsuit by a group of children who claim the state of Utah is violating their rights by allowing fossil fuel production. A similar group tried that in Wyoming earlier and got the same result.

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Energy Watchdog Group Compiles List Of 125 Actions Biden Has Taken Against Oil Industry

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Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

President Biden blames American oil companies and the Ukraine war for high energy costs but the American Energy Alliance outlined 125 actions that Biden has taken against the oil industry that they say is responsible for skyrocketing prices.

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Arch’s Wyoming Coal Mines Has Great 3rd Quarter But Still Has Plans To Shut Everything Down

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Trains move coal from Black Thunder Mine in Wyoming's Powder River Basin. (Getty Images)

Arch Resources posted its third quarter results for fiscal year 2022 on Thursday, which shows its operations in the Powder River Basin did well, but company executives say the long-term outlook is bleak.

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With Rail Strike Looming, Wyoming Has The Coal To Ship But Can’t Get Enough Trains

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Photo by Robert Nickelsberg/Getty Images

The demand for coal has risen and Wyoming coal producers can significantly increase production but they can’t get the trains to carry it. “The market is there if Wyoming could just get it out on trains,” the governor’s office said.

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Off-Grid: Wyoming Doctor Powers Home, Charges Tesla With Wind and Solar

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Photo Courtesy Dr. Jason Bloomberg

In response to a Cowboy State Daily story last week, Cheyenne’s Dr. Jason Bloomberg said the Nissan Leaf isn’t a good example of what electric vehicles can do. He said his Teslas have a far greater range and take a shorter time to charge. (He lives off-the-grid too).

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