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‘Disappointing’ Rail Service Throttles Wyoming Coal Despite Record $1.3 Billion Revenue In 2022, Arch Reports

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Trains move coal from Black Thunder Mine in Wyoming's Powder River Basin. (Getty Images)

Arch Natural Resources reported a record $1.3 billion in net income for 2022, despite production at Wyoming coal mines limited because of what the company reports as “further deterioration in already poor Western rail service.”

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Mining Association Skeptical Of Study That Says Only 1 Coal Plant In U.S. Operates Cheaper Than Wind/Solar

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(Babock & Wilcox)

The Wyoming Mining Association’s Travis Deti said the study is problematic because it doesn’t factor in the costs of maintaining reliability on the grid. “The fact is, wind and solar just aren’t reliable,” he said.

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Rail Engineers Say Poor Working Conditions Behind Labor Shortage That Stunted Wyoming Coal Production

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Wyoming lost out on 50 million tons of coal production last year because of limited rail capacity. Rail companies say a labor shortage prevented more shipments, but current and retired engineers say if the rail companies treated their people better, there would be no labor shortage.

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U.S. Coal Groups Say Blackouts In Europe & Energy Shortfalls In U.S. Prove Need For Coal

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The Naughton coal-fired power plant in Kemmerer. (Getty Images)

U.S. coal groups are banding together to push back against further shutdowns of coal-fired power plants. They say the blackouts in Europe and severe energy problems in some parts of the U.S. prove that coal is essential.

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Arch’s Wyoming Coal Mines Has Great 3rd Quarter But Still Has Plans To Shut Everything Down

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Trains move coal from Black Thunder Mine in Wyoming's Powder River Basin. (Getty Images)

Arch Resources posted its third quarter results for fiscal year 2022 on Thursday, which shows its operations in the Powder River Basin did well, but company executives say the long-term outlook is bleak.

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With Rail Strike Looming, Wyoming Has The Coal To Ship But Can’t Get Enough Trains

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Photo by Robert Nickelsberg/Getty Images

The demand for coal has risen and Wyoming coal producers can significantly increase production but they can’t get the trains to carry it. “The market is there if Wyoming could just get it out on trains,” the governor’s office said.

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