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Don’t Buy Property Next To A Farm, Then Complain That Animals Have Sex Outdoors, Bouchard Says

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(Matt Idler for Cowboy State Daily)

Sen. Anthony Bouchard attempted humor to highlight a serious concern of his: residential development encroaching on agriculture operations, then complaining that they’re smelly, noisy and bothersome to their sensibilities.

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Banning Foreign Ownership Of Ag Land, Mineral Resources Not So Easy Even In Wyoming

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Rep. Bill Allemand. (Matt Idler for Cowboy State Daily)

Although some may think in red-state Wyoming that banning foreign ownership of ag land would be a slam dunk, one bill barely made it out of committee on a 5 – 4 vote because of constitutionality concerns.

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Bill Would Ban New Foreign Ownership Of Any Agricultural Land In Wyoming

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Farmland outside Cheyenne. (Getty Images)

A bill being considered in the Wyoming Legislature would limit foreign ownership of Cowboy State agriculture land. The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Dalton Banks is joining others like S.D. Gov. Kristi Noem in a growing concern about Chinese influence over America’s agriculture real estate.

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FDA Approves Lab-Grown Meat For First Time; Wyoming Ag Producers Not Worried

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Getty Images

The president of the Wyoming Stockgrowers Association said he isn’t that worried about the FDA’s decision to allow lab-grown meat on the market mentioning that it’s going to be “a rather expensive product.” The first lab-grown hamburger patty cost $330,000 to produce.

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Noting Similarities To Wyoming, Kenyan Farmer Blasts “Elitist” Hypocrisy On Fossil Fuels

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Jusper Mochuga, Courtesy Photo

Jusper Machogu, a Kenyan farmer, said he’s tired of the hypocrisy of wealthy Western countries lecturing Africa about fighting climate change. He says the only way for Africa to rise out of poverty is the same way Western nations did it — with fossil fuels.

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113-Year-Old LaPrele Dam Needs Repair Or Replacing Soon, Officials Say

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If the 113-year-old LaPrele dam in Converse County – which was only scheduled to last for 50 years – were to suddenly give way, the resulting deluge could threaten downstream homes, rip through a key bridge along Interstate 25 and destroy the Ayers Natural Bridge Park. 

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