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Exploding 1,000-Pound Pumpkins & State Records Broken at Wyoming State Pumpkin Championship

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Hundreds of Wyoming citizens flocked to Worland on Saturday to watch 1,000-pound pumpkins dropped from a 200-foot crane and for the 9th annual pumpkin weigh-off championship.

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Worland Man’s Pumpkin Now 1,300 Pounds; Aiming For State Record

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Jay Richard’s largest pumpkin is now 1,304 pounds. With a month or so to go, he thinks he can break the Wyoming record.

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Worland Airman Welcomed Home After 54 Years

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After 54 years, the Worland native has finally returned home. Krogman, a 1964 graduate of the Air Force Academy, was just 25 when he was killed in action during the Vietnam War while serving with the Forward Air Controller wing in Vietnam.

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Doorbell Camera Catches Moron Committing Hit-And-Run in Worland; Apprehended Immediately

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If there were a criminal handbook, you would think there would be a chapter on the prevalence of video cams and how they really are everywhere.

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Worland Residents Drop 500 – 930 Pound Pumpkins From Giant Crane In Annual Pumpkin Drop

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Co-organizer Jay Richard told Cowboy State Daily that the pumpkins ranged in size, from the smallest being a little more than 500 lbs. to the largest weighing in at 930 lbs. Volunteers sign up to have the honor of dropping their pumpkins every year.

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John Davis: The Coronavirus Comes To Worland, Wyoming

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The solitude of the town of Worland and its nursing home have been shattered by an outbreak of coronavirus that has claimed the lives of three elderly people.

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Art produced in a hurry for a good cause at Worland’s ‘Mammoth Quick Draw’

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Quick Draw artist Burge

Art produced in a hurry and sold to benefit community activities will be the big event this weekend at the Mammoth Quick Draw in Worland.

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