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Wind River Indian Reservation

Task Force Would Keep Wyoming Native Foster-Care Children With Native Families, Shoshone Chairman Says It’s Too Slow

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The Legislature’s Select Committee on Tribal Relations is trying to make a state law keeping American Indian children in tribal homes during foster-care situations, while the Eastern Shoshone Tribe’s leaders say the proposed law won’t work fast enough.

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Fearing More Scandals, Case Doesn’t Want To Fund St. Stephen’s Indian School

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Carol Ryczek, For Cowboy State Daily

Saying he fears another abusive situation in a school without state oversight, Sen. Cale Case, R-Lander, announced Tuesday he doesn’t want to fund St. Stephen’s Indian School, whose top administrators were implicated in May in sexual and misconduct scandals.

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Reservation House District Candidates Spar Over Fed Control Of Tribal Land, Abortion, Education

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Incumbent Democratic House Rep. Andi LeBeau debated Republican challenger Sarah Penn on issues unique to the Wind River Indian Reservation, such as the federal government’s control of the land, littered garbage heaps and a two-year mask mandate.

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Fremont County Coroner, Police Still Won’t Say Who Died After Reservation Police Shooting

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The Fremont County Coroner’s office and the police agencies involved with the investigation of a death following a police shooting will not release the name of the deceased, which is in sharp contrast to how cases had traditionally been handled.

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Reservation School Meltdown: Mass Firings After Allegations of Drugs, Corruption, Sexual Misconduct

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After a federal investigation alleging sexual misconduct, drug use, misspending, nepotism, intimidation and corruption among St. Stephen’s Indian School leaders, the superintendent, two principals, and the entire school board has been fired.

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Death Of Ethete Woman Revives Effort To Pass Loose & Vicious Dog Ordinance On Reservation

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Photo by Clair McFarland, Wind River Indian Reservation.

The death of a woman in Ethete on April 10, while not confirmed to be the result of a dog attack, has officials once again looking at an ordinance aimed at addressing the problem of vicious dogs — a longstanding issue on the reservation.

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Streamlining bureaucracy could improve opportunities for Native American startups

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Streamlining bureaucracy could improve opportunities for Native American startups

Gordon opened the WY-Wind River: Economic Development & Entrepreneurship Symposium on Wednesday at the University of Wyoming with remarks about moving forward together with Wyoming’s Native American population, embracing the outdoors and supporting entrepreneurship.

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