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Legislator Says Horse Slaughter ‘Worked Well’ Before, Could Be Answer To Wyoming’s Wild Horse Problem

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A herd of wild mustangs on the run in Wyoming. (Getty Images)

There was a small step Monday toward Wyoming wild horses possibly being sent to slaughter, as the Wyoming House passed a resolution calling for Congress to allow it.

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Belgian Chef Says He Would Love To Serve Wild Wyoming Horses If They Were Available

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De Kuiper restaurant in Vilvoorde, Belgium, has ben serving horse meat for more than 160 years. (Courtesy Photo)

The owner of a restaurant in Belgium that has been serving horse meat for more than 160 years said Wyoming horses would be great on a menu because they’re free-range and eat natural grasses. The Wyoming Legislature is considering a bill asking Congress to allow some wild mustangs to be rounded up for slaughter.

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Horse, It’s What’s For Dinner: Legislators Discuss Resolution To Re-Open Horse Slaughterhouses

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(Photo Paul Harris/Getty Images)

To get a handle on growing herds of wild mustangs in Wyoming and the American West, a resolution being considered by the Legislature says Congress should re-open American horse slaughterhouses so the meat can be shipped to places where people eat it. 

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Too Many Wild Horses? Some Legislators Say Wyoming’s ‘Feral’ Horses Population Is Out Of Control

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Getty Images

Wyoming’s wild – or feral – horse population remains essentially uncontrolled, some legislators said. Meanwhile, the state’s Native American tribes could set an example in horse management, a wildlife advocate said Tuesday.

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