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Don Day: “This Ain’t The Last Snowstorm This Season In Wyoming”

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Meteorologist Don Day said travel along I-80 will be challenging over the next two days as several inches of snow is expected. And that’s not all. Another big cold front is headed toward Wyoming in 8 or 9 days. “I’m going to have to go into witness protection after all of this,” Day said.

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Is long-range weather forecasting more than a tabloid gimmick?

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Long range forecast

Hiding among the intimacy tips and health crazes, are the farmers’ almanacs. Pocket-sized, printed in black and white and typically with a hole punched in the corner, presumably to facilitate dangling the book from a peg board between the rusty sickle and chipped screwdrivers, these magazines are packed with astronomy charts, gardening advice, and most notably, long-range weather forecasts.

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