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Wyoming Ranchers Support $80 Million, 264-Ft. Dam In Medicine Bow Forest, Others Oppose Plan

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A proposed dam in the Medicine Bow National Forest is billed as a way to support ranchers in drought-stricken years. Opponents, some from as far away as Poland and San Francisco, say the project will only benefit a small number of water users so it’s not in the “public interest.”

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After Getting Denied $7 Million Grant, Rawlins Still Facing $20 Million Water Infrastructure Repair Bill

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Photo by Natalie Behring, Getty Images

Since a catastrophic failure of its municipal water system in March, the city of Rawlins has faced boil orders, extreme restrictions and has raised water rates by 50%. A recent denial of $7 million in ARPA money another blow as the city struggles with $21 million price tag to fix it.

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