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UW Astronomers Built The Spectrometer On Satellite That Discovered Earth-Like Planet

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Earth-like planet TOI 700 e (NASA Illustration)

The spectrometer on the satellite that identified the “habitable” Earth-like planet was designed and built in Wyoming by a pair of University of Wyoming astronomers – Dr. Mike Pierce and Dr. Hannah Jang-Condell.

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Church Elder Not Sure If He Will Sue The University Of Wyoming Over Suspension

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Amid backlash and public First Amendment debates, the church elder whose tabling privileges were suspended after he called out a transgender student at the University of Wyoming said he doesn’t know if he wants to sue, but hopes the school reverses his suspension.

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Wyoming Legislators Condemn UW For Booting Church Elder, Say “Open Dialogue” Is Essential

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A sign displayed on the University of Wyoming campus. (Preston Harrison, UW Branding Iron)

More than two dozen current and incoming legislators wrote a letter to the University of Wyoming condemning them for banning a church elder from presenting at the school. The lawmakers said “open dialogue” is the proper environment for higher education.

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Church Elder Who Called Trans Student A Male Booted From UW Hall For A Year

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Photo by Preston Harrison/Branding Iron

The University of Wyoming is suspending a Laramie church elder’s ability to reserve table space in its student union for a year after the man on Friday posted a sign that displayed a transgender student’s name and called that student a male.

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University Of Wyoming Asks Church Elder To Change Sign Calling LGBTQ Student A Male

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A sign displayed on the University of Wyoming campus. (Preston Harrison, UW Branding Iron)

A University of Wyoming staffer on Friday asked a Laramie church elder to remove an LGBTQ student’s name from a sign proclaiming that, “God created male and female and (redacted) is a male.”

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Titus Swen: Dismissed UW Running Back Says System ‘Just Ain’t Fit My Style’

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Photo By Troy Babbitt, University of Wyoming Media-Athletics

After getting kicked off the team on Monday, former UW running back Titus Swen told Cowboy State Daily that he plans to enter the transfer portal and play for another program his senior campaign.

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University of Wyoming Law Student Reunited With Family’s Tribal Headdress In England

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A UW law student traveled to a London museum last month to see her great-great grandfather’s headdress which is in a storage facility. Chief Yellow Calf is considered one of the Northern Arapaho’s most important and respected leaders. UW leaders are working to bring it back home.

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UW Survey Shows Wyoming Residents Approve Of University’s Path To Success

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A large majority of surveyed Wyoming residents believe that the University of Wyoming provides a strong undergraduate education, prepares students to participate in the state’s workforce and is an appealing place for Wyoming students to attend college, new survey results show.

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UW To Refund Some Fees To Students Due To COVID Impact

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Each full-time student taking classes on the Laramie campus will receive a total of $141.17 credit to their UW account for fees that were previously charged for athletics, music/theater and recycling because the pandemic largely eliminated the opportunity to attend events and receive those services.

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University Of Wyoming To Offer Mix Of In-Person/Online Classes For Spring Semester

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Much like the fall semester, the university will offer a mix of in-person, hybrid and online classes for the spring. Current plans also call for a continuation of measures taken to limit the spread of the virus, such as requiring face protection and physical distancing and limiting the number of gatherings and the amount of people at them.

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