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Transparency: State Ombudsman Should be Empowered to Resolve Public Record Disputes

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Column: Wyoming lawmakers and Gov. Gordon deserve real credit for their efforts to improve citizens’ access to public records. But it was dismaying to hear last week that the office may actually have little power to sort out disputes.

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Five questions with Public Records Ombudsman Ruth Van Mark

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public documents

A Torrington native and longtime congressional staffer has taken her new duties in a state office created to mediate disputes over the release of public documents.

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State auditor’s transparency website “jumping off point” for detailed records requests

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Many Wyoming residents want state government to be more transparent, but few can agree the best way to go about it.

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Transposition error makes it appear substitute teacher makes $216K

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Transposition error makes it appear substitute teacher makes $216K

In case you might’ve heard otherwise, please rest assured that a substitute teacher does not, in fact, hold the top-paying job in Fremont County School District 25 in Riverton. They’re not paying a custodian $120,000 a year, either.

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Moats: Legislative attitude to government openness disheartening

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Wyoming citizens are abusing government agencies.

That is according to some legislators and other government officials discussing attempts by those who pay the bills – the taxpayers – to obtain public records. The discussion took place at the recent meeting of the Joint Judiciary Committee in Gillette.

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Spending data provides window into state expenses, but lacks big picture

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Wyoming’s checkbook contains a mountain of information about state agency spending, but it’s far from a full accounting of Wyoming’s budget

Wyoming’s checkbook contains a mountain of information about state agency spending, but it’s far from a full accounting of Wyoming’s budget.

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Digesting the elephant: A dive into Wyoming’s checkbook

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With nearly 5 million line items totaling more than $27.5 billion of checks written during the last six years, delving into Wyoming’s checkbook could be like drinking from a firehose.

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Racines says transparency panel will focus on gray areas of law

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Racines Transparency Panel

A transparency task force created by Gov. Mark Gordon and Auditor Kristi Racines will focus on the “gray” areas of Wyoming’s public documents laws, Racines said.

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Auditor encourages transparency, says it is not as simple as some believe

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Wyoming State Auditor Kristi Racines

Transparency in state government is very important, but achieving it can sometimes be difficult, according to state Auditor Kristi Racines.

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Public documents bill headed to governor

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Computer sever room, ALT=Wyoming public records bill to Governor Gordon

A measure that would require government officials to turn over public documents within 30 days of receiving a request for their release is on its way to the desk of Gov. Mark Gordon.

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Public documents bill clears House committee

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Tax records stacked, ALT=Public Documents, House bills

A 30-day deadline would be set for the release of public documents under a bill approved Thursday by a House committee.

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Today at the Wyoming Legislature: Party switching, tax break bills die in House

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By Cowboy State Daily Bills on party switching, daylight savings time and a property tax exemption for seniors were all on the table at the Wyoming Legislature on Thursday. A bill that would have limited when voters can change their party affiliations, SF 32, was killed for a second time by the Senate Corporations, Elections…

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Public records bill clears Senate committee

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A bill designed to set a deadline for the release of public documents won approval from a Senate committee on Thursday.

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Transparency bill sent back for major overhaul

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Public records in Wyoming

By Cowboy State Daily A bill that would have set a deadline for public agencies to turn over public documents was pulled back Tuesday to allow for a major overhaul. The Senate Corporations, Elections and Political Subdivisions Committee, faced with concerns by state and local government agencies about a proposed 10-day deadline for the release…

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Bill would limit amount of information provided on public pay

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By Cowboy State Daily A bill that would limit the amount of information provided in official notices about how much public employees are paid cleared a House committee Thursday. HB 146 would remove the names of county and city public employees from a list that is published in the state’s newspapers. Under current law, that…

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