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Prison Captain Thanks Torrington Inmates For Volunteering To Help During Lingle Flood

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Immediately after the flooding occurred in Lingle, Wyoming last week, nearly 75 inmates at the prison in Torrington volunteered to fill sandbags. Of those, nearly two dozen were chosen and filled more than 600 sandbags.

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Torrington Man Accused of Uploading 102 Files of Child Porn to Internet

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A Torrington man has been accused of having more than 100 files of child pornography on his computer, with some images depicting children as young as four in sexual situations.

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Man Charged In Torrington Murder Case Had Criminal History In Park County

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A man has been charged in connection with the murder and arson that happened in Torrington late last month.

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Victim Identified In Torrington Murder Case

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Torrington resident Madison Shana Cook, 20, was identified Thursday as the victim by the Torrington Police Department. Her death was ruled as a homicide.

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Torrington Police Investigating Murder, Arson, Vehicle Theft

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The Torrington Police Department is currently investigating a murder, arson and vehicle theft that took place Tuesday morning.

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Torrington Corrections Officer Receives Medal for Stopping Stabbing

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In September 2019, Officer Cullen Calderon from the Wyoming Medium Correctional Institution risked his own personal safety in order to prevent the loss of life.

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Torrington Closing City Offices Due To COVID Spike

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Torrington’s city facilities will be closing Nov. 12 and will remain closed until further notice due to a spike in COVID-19 cases in Torrington and Goshen County.

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Water flows through irrigation canal again

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Water has returned to the Goshen Irrigation District canal that was breached in mid-July, leaving more than 100,000 acres of land without water.

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Construction crews race the clock to fix canal

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Farmers and ranchers in eastern Wyoming and western Nebraska are facing nature’s deadline as construction crews work to repair an irrigation breach that left 800 irrigators without water.

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Irrigation tunnel collapse could cost Wyoming’s ag millions, repairs underway

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Tunnel collapse Torrington

More than 100,000 acres of agricultural land are without irrigation after a canal tunnel collapsed July 17 in eastern Wyoming and western Nebraska.

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College, city, state help workers displaced by Western Sugar closure

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A forklift loading sugar into semi trailer, ALT=Western Sugar layoffs hit 200 Torrington workers

, state and educational institutions are stepping up to help the almost 200 Western Sugar Cooperative employees in Torringon who will soon be out of work with the closure of the cooperative’s plant there.

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