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State Board Frustrated That Wyoming Has No Say In Renaming Any Location With Word “Squaw” In It

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The decision to rename places with the word “squaw” in them — 43 locations in Wyoming — will be made without any input from the state of Wyoming due to a process set-up by the Dept of Interior.

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Wyoming Experts On Indian Culture Welcome Elimination Of ‘Squaw’

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The prospect of changing landmark names in Wyoming to remove the word “squaw” — like “squaw teats” — is being met with sighs of relief from two Indian culture experts in Wyoming.

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Feds Bypass Wyo Board Of Geographic Names In Renaming “Squaw” Sites

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Months of work by the Wyoming Board of Geographic Names to address a Park County landmark containing the word “squaw” has been bypassed by an order from the U.S. Department of Interior.

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“Squaw Teats,” 40+ Other Wyoming Locations With “Squaw” In It Will Get Renamed By Dept Of Interior

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“Squaw Teats” — the controversial name for a pair of buttes in Park County — and more than 40 other Wyoming locations with the word “squaw” in it will soon by renamed by the Department of Interior.

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State Board Delays Decision On ‘Squaw Teats,’ But Federal Renaming Effort Is Underway

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While a state board has postponed a decision on whether to rename Squaw Teats, the Biden administration may do it for them.

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