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Sam Galeotos: A Call for Civility and Leadership

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By Sam Galeotos, guest columnist

Just like many of you, I’ve been busier than heck lately. Let’s face it, we are all busy, and there’s a lot going on around us. Some of which we should be paying very close attention to. Through all the hustle and bustle, I couldn’t help but notice one of the most disappointing episodes unfold right here in the great State of Wyoming over the past few weeks. 

Apparently by all accounts, a Park County Republican Precinct Committeeman by the name of Troy Bray, sent one of the most despicable, vulgar and repugnant pieces of correspondence to State Senator Tara Nethercott (Laramie County). Within the letter, Mr. Bray suggested Ms. Nethercott kill herself, and referred to her in the most vulgar of terms any man could use toward a woman. I will not repeat them here, but you can easily find them with a simple search of the internet.

I want to draw everyone’s attention to this matter, as it appears many folks are unaware of it occurring, and there are others, whom I believe should be more aggressively pressing for the censure and resignation of Mr. Bray, based on his conduct as a precinct committeeman.

This is truly a Watershed moment for the Wyoming Republican Party, and for that matter the State of Wyoming.

Mr. Bray’s vulgar communication is indicative of the decorum we are witnessing outside of Wyoming, it is unacceptable behavior measured by any standard, and is something we should not tolerate here in Wyoming. Political or otherwise.

Bray should resign his Precinct position immediately. After being called out for his inexcusable behavior, Mr. Bray says he has apologized to Ms. Nethercott, but states he will not be bullied into resigning by what he calls “leftist/RINO class scum”.

What should be even more bothersome to state republicans, is what I would call a tepid response at best, by Republican Park County Chairman Martin Kimmett and Republican State Party Chairman Frank Eathorne. In fairness, both have stated they do not support Mr. Brays comments, but qualify their response by stating he is in an elected position and they can do nothing about terminating his service as a precinct committeeman. I beg to differ, since he will not resign, they should censure Mr. Bray as soon as possible. History is full of individuals in elected positions stepping out of line and ultimately resigning due to pressure from their constituents. Kimmett, Eathorne, and other state party leaders need to step into the public venue with a strong call for Mr. Bray to resign, and distance himself from the party. Let’s hear it loud and clear Republican Party leaders. Remember the “fish rots from the head down!”

There is another troubling scenario that causes concern. It has been reported, that through his Facebook posts Bray received Facebook “liked” support from three legislators: Senator Troy McKeown (Campbell County), Representatives Dan Laurson (Powell), and Robert Wharff (Evanston). Without judgement, I would ask these men what they intended in their posts?

I should point out the quick response from Senate President Dan Dockstader and House Speaker Eric Barlow, who both quickly denounced Brays actions.

No matter what side of the aisle, or whether you are considered conservative or liberal, every Wyoming resident should be concerned with this type of behavior, political or otherwise.

Please join me in encouraging a more forceful cry for censure and resignation from Kimmett, Eathorne, statewide elected officials, legislators, and the Park County community.

I would also highly encourage the Laramie County GOP, where Ms. Nethercott is a respected representative, along with other republican county committees, to standup and demand censure and resignation.

Pursuing accountability for this current situation will discourage similar episodes in the future, and go a long way toward promoting civil debate as a continuing standard in Wyoming.

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