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Legislators Worried About Californication Of Wyoming, Introduce Bill Protecting Rodeos

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Bareback bronc rider Luke Creasy is thrown during a Frontier Days Rodeo event. (Getty Images)

Rep. Rachel Rodriguez-Williams is championing legislation that would prevent towns and counties from banning activities like rodeos. Sen. Dan Laursen says he is concerned with influx of Californians to the state, especially to Jackson.

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Paralyzed Woman Who Inspired Netflix Movie “Walk. Ride. Rodeo.” In Wyoming This Week

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It was on a drive through Wyoming in 2010 when an up-and-coming rodeo star crashed her truck and lost use of her legs. What followed was an inspirational journey of faith, determination and work to disprove the doctors who said she’d never ride again.

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Meet the young Wyoming bullfighter whose ‘life calling’ is cowboy protection

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While bull riders were out in the arena four times during last week’s College National Finals Rodeo in Casper, the bullfighters were out more than 100 times. And hometown hero, bullfighter Wyatt Mason — a Casper, Wyoming native — was in the arena 135 times looking out for his fellow cowboy.

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Miraculous Wyoming cowgirl recovering after suffering “100% fatal” neck injury

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Dakotah Winsor’s little dog perished along a lonely stretch of highway between Casper and Shoshoni in late February and the 20-year-old is struggling with that loss while her family and friends are thankful Dakotah is alive and able to walk after sustaining a neck injury that doctors in Denver say was “100 percent fatal.” The lead surgeon, in fact, told the Winsor family he’d only seen that specific injury in autopsy rooms.

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