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Rendezvous Royale

Cody marks 38th annual western arts celebration

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More than 107 artists had their work displayed in Cody recently as the community celebrated its 38th annual “Rendezvous Royale,” a week-long celebration of western art.

The event held from Sept. 16 through 21 featured demonstrations by artists, gallery open houses, displays in Cody and at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West.

The rendezvous annually brings together artists and art lovers from across the country to Cody.

“I like the fact that so many artists are coming across the country to be a part of this show, that says a lot,” said artist Mike Poulson. “And we like having the artists here. People need to meet the artists to see what they’re doing and how they do it.”

The week culminates with an art auction that typically brings in more than $1 million, with proceeds being divided among the artists, the Cody Country Chamber of Commerce and Buffalo Bill Center.

The week’s activities, which also include an “art walk” through Cody, create a different atmosphere for the community, said Mayor Matt Hall.

“It is such a great week to be in town,” he said. “It’s such a boost for our town and it’s a boost for our vibrancy. I can’t explain it, you have to be here to experience it. It’s just a lovely time to be in Cody.”

Peter Seibert, executive director of the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, said the week helps forge and strengthen connections between people.

“It really is so much about connecting all these people who have ties to the museum, ties to the art community, ties to this community as a whole,” he said. “I see people, families who are getting together, people who are coming here as they do every year. And that’s what the spirit of a rendezvous is all about is getting people to come back and come together once a year.”

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