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Legislation Could Give Wyoming Voters Final Say On Capping Property Tax Rates

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Wyoming property valuations were up $7 billion this year. To deal with skyrocketing property taxes, the Revenue Committee approved an act that — if passed by the Legislature — would allow citizens to vote on capping property taxes.

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Teton County Property Taxes Soar As Property Values Climb Out Of Control

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This year, Teton County — the wealthiest county in the U.S. — has a market value of $34 billion. Most residents saw property tax increases of between 30 – 50% over the last year.

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Lies, damned lies, statistics; Here are Cowboy State facts

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Sniffin coach design
Bill Sniffin points to the back of his motorhome which shows the Cowboy logo and words from a song by Chris LeDoux.

You could always find lots of cars and trucks around my home. I am an admitted car nut and just love vehicles of all kinds.

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