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People's Convoy

Significantly Smaller Second Wave Of National Convoy Rolls Through Gillette

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The light blue semi-tractor trailer led a handful of trucks and vehicles adorned with flapping American flags down Garner Lake Road in Gillette.

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Retired Sheridan Teacher Shares Experience From “People’s Convoy”

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The 73-year-old retired teacher from Sheridan joined the convoy because she saw it as a vehicle to help unite a very divided country by gathering under one common flag and calling for freedom.

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Gillette Trucker Dies in February; Heartbroken Spouse Donates His Gear to Trucker In Need

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Floyd Hermes was a trucker right up until his death. He parked his truck for the last time on Feb. 10. Two days later, he died. His wife, on Thursday, donated some of his gear to a trucker who truly needed it.

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I-90 Wyoming: Hundreds Turn Out In Gillette To Send Message Of Freedom At ‘People’s Convoy’

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Attendees of the Interstate 90 leg of the “Peoples’ Convoy” told Cowboy State Daily the event wasn’t just about Covid-related mandates but a way to protest loss of many freedoms.

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Interstate 80 Leg Of Peoples’ Convoy Rolls Through Cheyenne

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Freedom Convoy Rally in Cheyenne, Wyoming on March 3, 2022.

Hundreds of flag-waving people lined up along the interstate to welcome the Peoples’ Convoy through Cheyenne on Thursday.

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Gillette Prepares For Arrival of National “People’s Convoy”

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Four women in Gillette who are fed up with what they see as government overreach and direct assaults on freedom are taking part in the “People’s Convoy,” a group of trucks traveling through Gillette on Thursday on the way to Washington, D.C.

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