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Biden OKs New Solar Deployment On Public Lands While Oil & Gas Leases Remain Halted

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While the Biden administration remains committed to halting oil and gas production on federal lands, the U.S. Department of Interior announced this week it would accelerate solar deployment on public lands. 

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Wyoming Oil Producers Angry That Biden OKs Oil From Venezuela While Restricting U.S. Production

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Wyoming oil producer Diemer True says it’s absolute “madness” that President Biden eased sanctions against socialist Venezuela while continuing restrictions against U.S. oil production.

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Environmental Activist Groups Move To Block Wyoming Oil And Gas Leases Yet Again

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The Biden administration has leased fewer federal acres for oil and natural gas development than any president since World War II, but environmental groups are hoping to stop the practice entirely. 

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Biden Threatens New Tax On ‘War Profiteering’ Oil Companies

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President Biden on Monday threatened to enact a windfall tax if oil companies don’t reduce the price at the pump.

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Dems Call For Nationalization Of Oil And Gas To Protect Planet From ‘Climate Apocalypse’

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Nationalizing the U.S. oil and gas industry used to be a fringe idea. Now, it’s being promoted by some more mainstream Democrats, urging the government to take it over — all in the name of “saving the planet.”

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Oil and Gas Lease Sales Come With More Costs To Wyoming Producers

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Wyoming oil and gas companies struggle to cover the costs of doing business on federal lands, but environmental groups say more regulation is needed.

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Biden Raids Oil Reserves As Some Decry Energy Vulnerability

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The U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve was set up to create security when the nation faces significant disruptions to its energy supply. The reserve now at its lowest level since the 1980s.

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President’s Angry Letter To Oil, Gas Companies Falls Flat With Wyoming Producers

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A letter from President Joe Biden to oil and gas company executives blaming them for high energy prices was more hypocritical than helpful, the Petroleum Association of Wyoming told Cowboy State Daily.

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Wyoming Economist: Russian Oil Ban Won’t Have Much Impact On Gas Prices

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Wyoming’s chief economist said despite gasoline prices nationally increasing by more than 55 cents per gallon in the last week, President Biden’s ban on oil imports won’t have much impact at the pump.

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