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Meeteetse Chocolatier’s Decadent Wyoming Confections Begin In Belize

in Wyoming Life/News/Food/Business
The Meeteetse Chocolatier may be off the beaten path in a small Wyoming town, but owner Tim Kellogg will go anywhere in the world to source the best ingredients. (Photo Courtesy Meeteetse Chocolatier via Facebook)

In the cold deep of January when most of us can only dream of spring, the Meeteetse Chocolatier does a little more than just dream. That’s when he travels down to Belize to stop by cacao farms in person to sample their nibs and buy direct from the families that produce them.

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Going Paleo: Wyoming Flintknappers Keep Skills Of Ancient Hunters Alive

in Wyoming Life/News
Researcher Damian Kirkwood says obsidian was prized by paleolithic hunters 15,000 years ago, and remains a favorite of modern flintknappers (Mark Heinz, Cowboy State Daily)

To kill the wooly mammoths and ancient bison that used to roam Wyoming, paleolithic hunters had to make their own weapons by flintknapping, a skill that still has some modern practitioners in the Cowboy State.

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Weston County Commissioners Voted In Secret, Sent Illegal Group Texts, Court Petition Says

in U.S. District Court for Wyoming/News/politics

Current and former Weston County commissioners will be deposed in a lawsuit challenging the process they used to appoint a state lawmaker in 2021. They deny allegations they illegally conducted county business out of the public view via group text messages.

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Fact Check: Claim That Fossil Fuel Economy Requires Much More Mining Than Green Energy Is Wrong

in Climate Change/Energy/News

Industry experts dispute claims made in a widely shared article that fossil fuels today require much more mining than a transition to wind and solar. That’s just wrong, they say, adding that false claims that favor renewable energy often are ignored.

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Gordon Calls Emergency Meeting To Discuss Wildlife Starvation; 1,000s Of Pinedale-Area Deer Expected To Die

in Wyoming Game and Fish/News/wildlife/Hunting

At a packed town hall meeting in Pinedale on Thursday, Gov Mark Gordon and Game and Fish officials discussed the brutal winter which has killed wildlife all across the state. “We’re going to drop below 20,000 on a herd that used to have 80,000 deer,” one attendee said.

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Hageman Calls Out ‘Stunning’ Social Media Censorship In Subcommittee Meeting

in Harriet Hageman/News/politics

U.S. Rep. Harriet Hageman, R-Wyoming, said the Biden administration and “government hacks” must be held accountable for censoring social media over COVID-19 claims during a Thursday meeting of the House Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government.

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Snowplow Drivers Hauling Off Wildlife Carcasses All Across Wyoming As Animals Continue to Starve

in Wyoming Game and Fish/News/wildlife
Wyoming Department of Transportation crews recently recovered the carcasses of 34 deer, 14 antelope and three elk along a 5-mile stretch of Interstate 80 and an 18-mile stretch of U.S. Route 189 near Evanston. (Photo Courtesy Jason Fry)

As wildlife continues to starve to death in Wyoming because of the harsh winter, snowplow drivers are hauling off carcasses from Interstates and highways across the state.

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Game Wardens Catch Mountain Lion Roaming Gillette In Yard Near Downtown

in News/wildlife
A mountain lion that had been spotted roaming around Gillette for nearly two days peeks through brush as it lounges in a yard near downtown Wednesday. (Photo Courtesy Teri Anderson)

After searching for nearly two days for a mountain lion reported in Gillette, Wyoming Game and Fish wardens caught up with it after Teri and Charlie Anderson found it hiding in a neighbor’s back yard.

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Dying By The Thousands: Miles Of Death As Wyoming Antelope, Deer And Elk Die From Winter Starvation

in News/weather/wildlife/Hunting
With hard-crusted snow covering most of the ground in southcentral Wyoming, antelope have been trapped for weeks in what few dry patches remain, where they starve to death. (Photo Courtesy Larry Hicks)

Outfitters say southcentral Wyoming antelope, deer and elk herds are dying off in huge numbers and that predictions that half of the antelope in parts of the state could die this winter probably fall short. It’s more likely to be closer to 80%.

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Could Insects Really Be Solution To Food Insecurity? Maybe, If People Can Get Over Their Squeamishness

in News/Food/Agriculture
(Getty Images)

While insects are a food source in many countries, the prospect of eating bugs has never taken off in most of the Western world — certainly not in the United States. Dr. Aaron Dossey, founder of Oklahoma-based All Things Bugs, wants to change that.

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California To Punish Oil Companies For High Gas Prices Despite Sky High Gas Taxes, Colorado Will Likely Follow

in News/Economy

California has passed a bill that will penalize oil companies for high prices at the gas pump despite having the nation’s highest gas taxes — by far. California’s energy policies, including bans on gas cars and natural gas, often get copied by other states, including Colorado.

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‘Floodgates Are Open’ With Lawsuit Challenging UW Sorority Over Transgender Member

in U.S. District Court for Wyoming/LGBTQ/News
(Via Facebook)

A constitutional scholar said the lawsuit several women are waging against a University of Wyoming sorority and its first transgender member has national implications and could very well end up in the U.S. Supreme Court.

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Wyoming Abortion Lawsuit Expands To Include Ban On Chemical Abortion Pills

in U.S. District Court for Wyoming/abortion/News
(Getty Images; Kathryn Ziesig, Jackson Hole News & Guide, Pool)

Abortion rights supporters have filed an amended lawsuit that now includes a challenge to a recently passed ban on chemical abortion pills, along with Wyoming’s new sweeping ban on nearly all forms of abortion.

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Women Sue University Of Wyoming Sorority For Accepting Transgender Member

in U.S. District Court for Wyoming/LGBTQ/News/University of Wyoming

Seven women are suing the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority for admitting a transgender woman into its sorority. The lawsuit says the individual has a profile on Tinder to meet women and “had an erection visible through his leggings” at the sorority house.

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Albertsons And Kroger Customers Say Mega Merger ‘Sucked The Lifeblood’ From Albertsons

in News/Food/Business
(Renée Jean, Cowboy State Daily)

The mega-merger of two U.S. grocery giants will affect many Wyoming consumers, as well as 750 of the Cowboy State’s grocery store workers. Now 25 consumer plaintiffs suing to stop the deal have filed their first major motion, saying Albertsons’ $4 billion pre-merger dividend “sucked the lifeblood” from the company.

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Bad Predator Policies In Montana, Idaho Could Derail Delisting Wyoming Grizzlies, Bear Expert Says

in News/Grizzly Bears/wildlife/Hunting
A grizzly bear sow leads her cubs through the snow in Grand Teton National Park. (Getty Images)

Wyoming’s efforts to delist grizzly bears – possibly within the next year – could be derailed by poor predator management plans in Montana and Idaho, a bear expert told Cowboy State Daily. 

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Report Shows Renewables Pass Coal Generation, But Fossil Fuels Far From Extinct

in Climate Change/Energy/News
Wind turbines at the Foote Creek Rim site in Carbon County. (Photo by Michael Smith/Newsmakers via Getty)

Although numerous media organizations cheered the news this week that electricity from renewable energy surpassed coal, many details were ignored — like the cost of electricity has doubled.

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Wyoming LGBTQ Group Plans To Fight Transgender Sports Ban In Court

in U.S. District Court for Wyoming/LGBTQ/News/Legislature
People gather outside the Wyoming Capitol in late February to protest a bill banning biological males from competing in girls' sports in Wyoming. (Matt Idler for Cowboy State Daily)

A Wyoming LGBTQ advocacy group is planning to challenge in court recently passed legislation that bans biological males from participating in girls’ sports in Wyoming.

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National Teachers Group Censors Climate Science That Doesn’t Conform To Disaster Agenda

in Climate Change/Energy/News/Education
Getty Images

A national debate is growing over how energy and climate science should be presented in classrooms. The CO2 Coalition was kicked out of the National Science Teaching Association’s annual convention last week for advocating for a more balanced view.

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Wyoming Woman Trains World Champion Border Collie Stock Dogs

in Wyoming Life/Wyoming outdoors/News/Agriculture/dogs
Wendy Auzqui and her champion border collies. (Courtesy Photo)

Wendy Auzqui loves everything about working with ranch animals, but especially training border collies as stock dogs. She won the 2019 world championship with Frank, and repeated in 2022 with Quirt.

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Chuck Gray Says Complaints Against Rep. Cyrus Western Have “Merit,” Forwards To Wyoming AG

in News/Legislature/politics
(Matt Idler for Cowboy State Daily)

Wyoming Secretary of State Chuck Gray said Tuesday he believes four election finance complaints made about a mailer allegedly sent by state Rep. Cyrus Western last summer have merit. He’s forwarded them to Attorney General Bridget Hill.

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Wyoming Rancher Says Colorado Wolves Are A Bad Idea: “It’s Going To Be A Wreck”

in News/wildlife/Agriculture
Photo by Matt Moyer/Getty Images

Wyoming rancher Pat O’Toole says his family’s operation, which straddles the Wyoming-Colorado state line, is already under pressure from bears and mountain lions. He says Colorado’s plan to re-introduce more wolves only will make things worse.

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Cheyenne City Council Blunt In Rejection Of Decriminalizing Marijuana By 6-3 Vote

in Cheyenne/News/Crime/drugs
From left to right: Cheyenne City Councilmen Pete Layborne, Scott Roybal, Richard Johnson.

The Cheyenne City Council voted down a proposal Monday to decriminalize marijuana in city limits. Councilman Richard Johnson said his primary motivation was to save the city money on superfluous fines and attorney fees. 

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Hageman Grills “Free Expression” Advocate About Allowing First-Graders Access to Pornography

in Harriet Hageman/News/politics

Although a “free expression” advocate repeatedly refused to answer Rep. Hageman’s question if Penthouse magazine was suitable for first-graders, Nadine Farid Johnson finally answered and said the pornographic magazine should not be accessible to children.

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Sponsor Of Wyoming’s First-In-The-Nation Chemical Abortion Ban Unfazed By Outside Opinion

in abortion/News/politics
(Matt Idler for Cowboy State Daily)

State Sen. Tim Salazar, R-Riverton, says he doesn’t care what other states or countries think about his bill which became the first in the country to ban chemical abortion pills. They aren’t in touch with our values, he said.

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Tesla Batteries Are Impossible To Repair, Are Trashed For Minor Damage

in Electric Vehicles/News/Business
Tesla batteries can weigh about 1,000 pounds and are notoriously difficult to repair, resulting in being trashed for minor damage.

Experts say Tesla batteries are virtually impossible to repair and are usually junked for minor damage, which seems to undermine their environmental benefits.

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Keeping An Owl As A Pet Not A Good Idea, It’s About The Worst Pet You Could Ever Get — And It’s Illegal

in News/wildlife
(Getty Images)

Inspired to own a pet owl based on our story about the Game and Fish Department’s rescued owl “Jupiter”? Don’t be. Not only is owning an owl illegal, they would be about the worst pet you could ever own. Worse than a great white shark, in fact.

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Near-Record Wyoming Snowfall Could Mean Huge Potential For Spring Flooding

in News/weather
Huge chunks of ice have built up along the banks of the South Fork of the Shoshone River in northwestern Wyoming. (Wendy Corr, Cowboy State Daily)

Snowmelt could bring relief for thirsty Wyoming reservoirs, but if it happens too hard and fast, it could result in flooding in late spring, says meteorologist Don Day.

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Longmire Is Back! Not The TV Show But The Annual Longmire Days Celebration In Buffalo

in Wyoming Life/entertainment/News
Rob Taylor played the title role in the hit Netflix series "Longmire."

“Longmire” may have had its six-season television run end in 2017, but fans keep it alive through Buffalo, Wyoming’s, annual Longmire Days, which returns for its sixth installment July 20-23.

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Cheyenne Man Called ‘Gypsy’ Builds Tiny Home From ‘Junk Stuff’, Plans To One Day Give It To Granddaughter

in Wyoming Life/News
Gypsy and the tiny home he's building from "junk stuff." (Kevin Killough, Cowboy State Daily)

Gypsy is an old biker who’s been riding for nearly 60 years. He lives in a tiny home he built himself from stuff he’s “scrounged” up here and there. Gypsy says he will finish the house and pass it on to his granddaughter when he’s gone.

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Wyoming Has A Slice Of Europe Hiding in Saratoga At Bella’s Bistro

in Wyoming Life/News/Business
(Renée Jean, Cowboy State Daily)

Fine dining in Paris and Rome has nothing on Bella’s Bistro. That’s because chef Tommy Orduno was classically trained by some of the best European chefs himself. The result is an uncanny resemblance to a classic European dining experience.

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How Real Is Fungus Threat In ‘The Last Of Us’ That Leaves Jackson, Wyoming, As Civilization’s Last Hope?

in Wyoming Life/entertainment/News

Uh-oh… The fungus that threatens to kill all humanity in the hit TV show “The Last Of Us” has some reality to it. University of Wyoming fungi professor Steve Miller says the whole “cordyceps fungus” thing is very realistic — for insects. But could it jump species? It’s possible, he said.

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Wyoming Native Artists Showcased In Global Art Exhibit At State Museum

in Native American Tribes/Wyoming Life/News
Courtesy, CARAVAN

A global exhibition tour of indigenous Great Plains artists, including artists from Wyoming, opens next week at the Wyoming State Museum. Organizers hope that the “Grounded” exhibit will inspire thoughtful relationships with the earth, and each other.

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Greybull Motel To Be Restored To Vintage Glory By Former LA Woman Who Loves Wyoming & Rodeo

in Wyoming Life/News

Former LA resident Amanda McGrew has a reputation for renovating homes in Phoenix. But it’s time for a change. She’s headed to Greybull to fix up a rundown motel. She loves small-town rodeos, and plans to really enjoy Greybull’s Days of 49 as part of her latest renovation adventure.

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Let The Bills Do The Talking: Gordon Says He’s Not Swayed By National Spotlight In Wake Of Not Signing Legislation

in News/Mark Gordon/Legislature/Government
Gov. Mark Gordon, left, speaks with Cowboy State Daily reporter Leo Wolfson on Friday.

Although some have complained about Mark Gordon’s non-confrontational style, the governor says he’s not swayed by state or national criticism. He says his record is enough.

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For 20 Years, A Great Horned Owl Named Jupiter Has Called Lander Game And Fish Office Home

in Wyoming Game and Fish/News/wildlife
Jupiter the great horned owl and his handler, Rene Schell of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, help educate the public about raptors. (Photo Courtesy Wyoming Game and Fish)

Jupiter is a great horned owl with acute vision problems which means he could never survive in the wild. But for more than 20 years he’s not only survived but thrived at the Wyoming Game and Fish Department office in Lander.

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Wyoming Game And Fish Tells Congress It’s Way Past Time To Delist The Grizzly

in News/Grizzly Bears/wildlife/Hunting

Wyoming Game and Fish Director Brian Nesvik on Thursday told a congressional committee that grizzly bear numbers were healthy enough in Wyoming and the Yellowstone region to be removed from the Endangered Species List in 2003, but have remained listed because of bureaucracy.

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Legendary Wyoming Big-Bore Handgun Pioneer John Linebaugh Dead At 67

in Wyoming Life/Wyoming Obituary/Guns/News
(Photos Courtesy johnlinebaughcustomsixguns.com)

John Linebaugh became a pioneer in the shooting and hunting community with his legendary .500- and .475 caliber handguns — some of the most powerful in the world. He died earlier this week at the age of 67.

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Cheyenne Changes Mind On Animal Shelter; Gives OK To Huge New $850,000 Per Year Contract

in Cheyenne/News/animal shelter
The Cheyenne Animal Shelter on Friday morning. (Greg Johnson, Cowboy State Daily)

Cheyenne Mayor Patrick Collins told Cowboy State Daily on Friday the city has changed its mind and will continue with the Cheyenne Animal Shelter despite the huge increase in taxpayer funding. The county has yet to sign off on the agreement.

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Lummis Praises Legislature For Passing Transgender Sports & Abortion Bills

in News/Cynthia Lummis/Legislature
U.S. Sen. Cynthia Lummis, R-Wyoming, addresses Wyoming lawmakers at the state Capitol in February. (Matt Idler for Cowboy State Daily)

On a conference call with reporters, U.S. Sen. Cynthia Lummis on Thursday said she agreed with the Wyoming Legislature for passing the transgender sports bill and the ‘Life is a Human Right Act’.

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Wyoming Legislature: Joint Management Council Identifies Interim Topics For Off-Session

in News/Legislature/politics
State Sen. Bo Biteman, R-Ranchester, and Wyoming Treasurer Curt Meier. (Matt Idler for Cowboy State Daily)

The Joint Management Council on Thursday identified topics legislative committees will be focused on before the next session. Combatting ESG or “woke capitalism” will be a main focus.

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United Nations Warns Of Imminent Climate Change Disaster (Just Like They Did In 1989)

in Climate Change/Energy/News
(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

A United Nations climate change study is warning of an impending disaster if changes aren’t made immediately. It’s very similar to an imminent warning issued back in 1989 which predicted entire nations would be entirely destroyed by the year 2000.

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CDC Warns About New Antibiotic-Resistant Fungus; UW Fungus Expert Says Reason To Be Concerned

in News/Health care
(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

Although an antibiotic-resistant fungus hasn’t spread to the Cowboy State yet, a fungus professor at the University of Wyoming said there is reason to be concerned. “In a lot of ways, the hospital is the worst place [an immunocompromised person] can go.”

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Wyoming Watches As Navajo Nation Supreme Court Case Threatens To Blow Up Colorado River Compact

in Colorado River/News/public land
(Getty Images)

A longstanding conflict between the Navajo Nation, state of Arizona and the federal government over the nation’s water rights to the Colorado River is coming to head before the U.S. Supreme Court. How that might affect Wyoming remains uncertain.

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For Pair Of Bulls That Sold For $100K Each, It’s All About The Semen, Says Wyoming Cattle Producer

in News/Agriculture/Business
Between them, lots 2054 (left) and 2116 represent $200,000 worth of bull. (Courtesy Photos)

At an auction in Montana last week, two bulls sold for $100,000 each. That’s not an unusual price if the genetics are good. For that investment, thousands and thousands of “semen draws” will be made called “straws” and the genetics of these prized animals are passed down and the owners’ stand to make a respectable profit.

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Benched During Session, Sen. Dan Laursen’s ‘Unbelievably’ Good Behavior Gets Him Back On Committees

in News/Legislature/politics
State Sen. Dan Laursen and Anthony Bouchard on the Senate floor during the 2023 General Session. (Matt Idler for Cowboy State Daily)

Powell Sen. Dan Laursen is out of Senate President Ogden Driskill’s doghouse and has been rewarded for good behavior by being placed on a committee. He was the only legislator, out of 93, not to be assigned to a standing committee last session.

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Hageman Calls Potential Trump Indictment ‘Persecution’ And ‘Woke Politicization’

in Donald Trump/News/politics
Harriet Hageman and former President Donald J. Trump speak at a Rally in Casper on May 28, 2022. (Matt Idler for Cowboy State Daily)

Now that former President Trump could be on the brink of being indicted, U.S. Rep. Harriet Hageman says the efforts of a New York City district attorney investigating him are nothing more than a witch hunt.

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‘Worth Two Or Three Cowboys’: Owner, Neighbors Mourn Cisco, Cattle Dog Killed By Wolves

in News/wildlife
Cisco, a working cattle dog in Colorado, was killed by wolves in that state's only wolf pack. (Courtesy Photo)

Cattle dogs are valuable working animals, and “Cisco” left a big hole in his owners’ hearts when he was killed by wolves from Colorado’s North Park wolf pack. They said he was worth “two or three cowboys.”

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Bull Elk’s Struggle Against Starvation Brings Wyoming’s Winter Kill Into Focus

in News/wildlife
Wyoming snowplow driver Jason Fry observed the struggles of this bull elk on his route along Interstate 80. (Courtesy Photos)

The struggle of wildlife during a brutal winter is hard to fathom when considering sheer numbers, but a Wyoming snowplow driver brought it into focus with the story of a single animal’s ordeal.

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