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Mullen Fire Area Closure Lifted In Medicine Bow National Forest

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The onset of consistent winter conditions and the lack of fire activity in the Mullen Fire burn area has enabled the Medicine Bow National Forest to lift the area closure that has been in effect since mid-September.

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Mullen Fire Almost Completely Contained, Some Smoke Will Be Seen Over Weekend

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The Mullen Fire in Medicine Bow National Forest is at a 95% containment rate, but people in the northern Albany County area will still likely see some smoke columns and fire over the weekend.

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Even After Record-Breaking Low Temps And Snow, Mullen Fire Not Out

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Despite the sub-zero temperatures and a foot of snow, the Mullen Fire is still smoldering.

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Mullen Fire At 81% Containment, Snow Should Help

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While the Mullen Fire is at 81% containment, the work to subdue the fire isn’t completely done, so crews will spend the weekend monitoring hot spots and repairing damage from fire suppression efforts over the last month.

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Western Wildfires: ‘Log It, Graze It, Or Watch It Burn’

in Dave Simpson/Column

There’s the distinct feeling that unless something changes in the management of our national forest neighbor, watching it burn is a real possibility.

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Mullen Fire Operations Wind Down; Fire At 69% Containment

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As of Monday morning, the fire is at a 69% containment rate and just a little more than 800 people are working to combat it.

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Friday Mullen Fire Update: Crews Placing Contingency Lines West Of Centennial

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While the Mullen Fire’s activity has been low most of this week, fire crews are establishing a fire line west of Centennial to prepare for the worst case scenario, an official said Friday morning.

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Weekend Mullen Fire Work Pays Off On Slow Wednesday, Official Says

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It was a slow Wednesday when it came to Mullen Fire activity, officials confirmed in an evening update.

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Wednesday Mullen Fire Update: Firefighters Battling 75MPH Winds

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Firefighters have expanded the containment line around the fire from 30% to 34%.

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Tuesday Mullen Fire Update: Fire Now 30% Contained

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The fire has now affected 176,047 acres and is 30% contained. The estimated containment date is still Oct. 30.

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Monday PM Mullen Fire Update: Firefighters Prepare For 70mph Winds on Tuesday

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Winds are expected to pick up again Tuesday night and Wednesday, with gusts expected to reach 50 mph to 70 mph.

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Monday AM Mullen Fire Update: Containment Rate At 27%, Fire Only Grew 29 Acres

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The fire that’s burning in Medicine Bow National Forest only grew by 29 acres on Sunday and has affected 175,564 acres as of Monday morning. The containment rate is at 27%, 2% more than Sunday.

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Sunday PM Mullen Fire Update: Snowfall Keeps Fire At Bay

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The predicted snowfall came as expected to a portion of southeast Wyoming on Sunday, providing much-needed relief for crews helping battle the Mullen Fire in Medicine Bow National Forest.

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Despite 55mph Winds, Firefighters Predict Containment Of Mullen Fire’s Northeastern Edge

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Although firefighters on the Mullen Fire were dealing Sunday with brisk winds from the northwest, officials were confident that the fire’s leading northeastern edge would be contained by Monday.

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Retired Forester Frustrated With Lack Of Fire-Fighting Common Sense

in News/Mullen Fire

Environmental activism through the ‘Environmental Industrial Complex’ short circuits the system and takes management away from resource professionals and shifts it into the hands of the Environmental Elites.

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Friday AM Mullen Fire Update: Fire Now 18% Contained, Cool Weather On The Way

in News/wildfire

The Mullen Fire in Medicine Bow National Forest has grown slightly in the last day, but is now at an 18% containment rate.

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Couple Who Reported Mullen Fire Believe Forest Service Didn’t Fight Fire Early Enough

in News/Mullen Fire

The couple who first reported the Mullen Fire believe the Forest Service should have done more to fight the fire in the early stages.

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Thursday PM Mullen Fire Update: Fire Moves North, Dead Trees Adding Complications

in News/wildfire

The Mullen Fire in Medicine Bow National Forest continues to move north, albeit slowly, being hindered by cooler temperatures and higher humidities.

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Cheyenne Looks Like Living on Mars Again

in News/Mullen Fire

Cheyenne’s sky was again full of smoke and ash as the 170,000-acre Mullen Fire continues to rage 75 miles west of Cheyenne.

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Thursday AM Mullen Fire Update: Huge Amounts of Dead Lodgepole Pine Creating Resistance

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The cooler temperatures this week have been critical in helping firefighters put water on hot spots and preparing to contain the Mullen Fire in Medicine Bow National Forest, officials announced Thursday morning.

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Centennial Resident Talks Anxiety, Fears Of Possible Evacuation

in News/wildfire

Centennial has been under a pre-evacuation notice for a few weeks, with the Albany County Sheriff’s Office reiterating over the weekend that the pre-evacuation order still stood: residents should be prepared to leave their homes at a moment’s notice.

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Wednesday Night Mullen Fire Update: Fire Inches Closer To Ryan Park

in News/wildfire

Firefighters spent much of the day conducting structure assessments, prep work and ordering supplies to keep the Mullen Fire at bay, officials announced Wednesday evening.

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Wednesday Morning Mullen Update: Aircraft To Drop Retardant On Albany Area

in News/wildfire

It will look like an airshow in the Albany area on Wednesday, since many aircraft will be coming in to help manage the Mullen Fire in Medicine Bow National Forest.

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Tuesday Night Mullen Fire Update: 161k-Acres, Excessive Dead Lodgepole Pine Making Efforts Difficult

in News/Mullen Fire

Less-than-ideal conditions to fight the blaze will continue for a few more days although Wednesday will see a decrease in wind speeds.

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Tuesday Morning Mullen Fire Update: 161K Acres Affected

in News/wildfire

Firefighters will spend much of Tuesday working to combat fire “fingers,” a small area protruding from the main body of the fire, that have been pushed in various directions inside of Medicine Bow National Forest.

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Monday Night Mullen Fire Update: 157k Acres, Fires Very Active

in News/Mullen Fire

Firefighting officials said the weather coupled with excess fuel loads are making fighting the 157k-acre very difficult.

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Gordon Says Mullen Fire Shows Need For Proper Forest Management

in News/Mullen Fire

Gordon said the 151,000-acre Mullen Fire is proof that proper forest management is not happening.

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Monday Morning Mullen Update: Fire Is Now 151,700 Acres

in News/wildfire

The Mullen Fire in Medicine Bow National Forest is now at 14% containment level and has grown to 151,700 acres, officials announced on Monday morning.

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Mullen Fire Sunday Night Update: Fire Very Active “No Relief This Week”

in News/Mullen Fire

The Mullen Fire is expected to be “very active” this week as above average temperatures and dry conditions continue.

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Mullen Fire Saturday Morning Update: 137K Acres, 6% Contained

in News

Firefighters on on Saturday estimate the Mullen Fire has now affected nearly 137 thousand acres based on an aerial infrared measurement made at 11:00 pm Friday night.

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Friday Night Mullen Update: Fire Contained At 6%

in News/wildfire

The fire has now been contained at 6% and has affected 128,738 acres as of Friday evening.

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Friday Morning Mullen Update: More than 1K People Working To Combat Fire

in News/wildfire

The fire has affected 127,503 acres, according to fire tracking website InciWeb. More than 1,000 personnel are working to slow the fire’s spread and protecting valuables at risk all over the fire area.

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Thursday Night Mullen Fire Update: 118k Acre Fire “A Beast By Any Stretch of the Imagination”

in News/wildfire

More than 900 firefighters are battling the 118,000 acre fire which has destroyed at least 60 buildings.

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Thursday Morning Mullen Update: Fire Rages To 117K Acres, Mail Delivery Halted In Areas

in News/wildfire

Fire activity is expected to be high on Thursday, officials announced on the fire tracking website InciWeb. A crew of 934 personnel are working to combat the fire as of Thursday morning, and more are expected to arrive over the coming days.

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Wednesday Night Mullen Update: Fire Reaches 103K Acres

in News/wildfire

The Mullen Fire in Medicine Bow National Forest has officially affected more than 100,000 acres, officials announced Wednesday evening.

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Wednesday Morning Mullen Update: 29 Houses Lost, Fire Almost To 100K Acres

in News/wildfire

Fire activity is expected on Wednesday. Crews are working to slow fire progression along the North Platte River and a fleet of 20 aerial resources have been critical in cooling the fire’s edge and assisting with structure protection.

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Tuesday Night Mullen Fire Update: 60 Buildings Damaged, Dry Windy Weather to Continue

in News/wildfire

Fire crews will use retardant on the Mullen Fire in Medicine Bow National Forest to strategically pre-treat areas adjacent to values at risk.

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Mullen Fire Back Down To 0% Containment

in News/wildfire

Although Monday was expected to be a big day when it came to combating the Mullen Fire in Medicine Bow National Forest, the fire is now back down to 0% containment, the U.S. Forest Service announced late Monday.

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Gov. Gordon Directs State Resources to Provide Support on Mullen Fire

in News/wildfire

Governor Mark Gordon has directed numerous state resources to provide assistance and support to affected communities and teams battling the Mullen Fire.

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Monday Morning Mullen Fire Update: Aircraft Critical To Today’s Fire Operations

in News/wildfire

Monday will be a “big day” for the teams combating the Mullen Fire, as it will be the first time aircraft will be in use after multiple days of weather forced them to be grounded.

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Sunday Evening Mullen Fire Update: Lower Temps, Higher Humidity Slowing Growth of Fire

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Although the fire continues to rage, decreased winds, cooler temperatures and rising humidity levels managed to keep it from growing significantly in acreage, at least for a while.

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Brian Harmsen: Years of Activism Turned Medicine Bow Forest Into Ticking Time Bomb

in Column/Brian Harsman

We need to rip the management of our public lands out of the clutches of the activist groups and activist courts.

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Saturday Evening: Mullen Fire Now Estimated at 69,138 Acres; 70mph+ Winds

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Pushed by winds of over 70mph, the Mullen Fire grew by more than 30,000 acres Saturday afternoon to total 69,138 acres

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Mullen Fire Now 25,000+Acres; Strong Winds Forecast This Weekend

in News/wildfire

The Mullen Fire in Medicine Bow National Forest reached the Rob Roy community this week, officials announced on Friday.

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Mullen Fire Continues Growing, Nears 20K Acres

in News/wildfire

The Mullen Fire in Medicine Bow National Forest has continued to burn and grow, affecting 19,526 acres as of Friday morning.

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Mullen Fire Grows To Almost 18K Acres By Thursday

in News/wildfire

The Mullen Fire in Medicine Bow National Forest has continued to grow, affecting nearly 18,000 acres as of Thursday morning.

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Mullen Fire Grows To Almost 15K Acres

in News/wildfire

The Mullen Fire has grown to nearly 15,000 acres by Wednesday, although helicopters are delivering thousands of gallons of water.

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Team Fighting Mullen Fire Shorthanded Due To “Critical Shortage” In Firefighting Resources

in News/wildfire

There is a “critical shortage” in firefighting resources right now due to wildfires in California, Oregon and Washington, an official said Tuesday night during a Mullen Fire virtual update.

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Mullen Fire Still At 13K Acres, Highway Reopened

in News/wildfire

The Mullen Fire in Medicine Bow National Forest stayed inside its perimeter overnight Monday and remained at 13,504 acres as of Tuesday morning, according to firefighting officials.

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Mullen Fire Likely To Grow Due To Strong Winds

in News/wildfire

The Mullen Fire in Medicine Bow National Forest is likely to grow in size this week due to strong, gusty winds and dry weather, according to forest officials.

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