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Grand Teton Mountain Goat Hunts To Resume in September; Gordon Supports

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Gov. Gordon expressed support for Grand Teton National Park’s plan to manage mountain goats using volunteers to kill a limited number of the animals.

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Grand Teton Culls 3 Dozen Mountain Goats, Stops After Governor, Feds Object

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Mountain goats

Aerial sharpshooters at Grand Teton National Park partially eradicated a herd of invasive mountain goats last weekend as Wyoming and federal officials asked the National Park Service to halt its plans.

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Gov Gordon Applauds Halt to Mountain Goat Shoot

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Governor Mark Gordon expressed his gratitude to Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt after the Secretary intervened to call off a planned mountain goat culling through aerial gunning in Grand Teton National Park.

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State, national park work to limit mountain goat population

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Mountain goats

Doug McWhirter wants people to understand several things about Wyoming’s iconic mountain goat populations.

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