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Marti Halverson: Gender Wage Gap Is Bogus

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Wyoming is not “worst for women.” Generally speaking, Wyoming women in the workforce are doing the jobs and working the hours they want. The legislature has nothing to do here.

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Marti Halverson: There Is No “Big Tent”

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Guest columnist Marti Halverson writes: “The few Republicans in 2021 clinging to the notion that there is still a ‘Big Tent’ are living in the past.”

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Marti Halverson: I Strongly Oppose a Convention of States

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Guest columnist Marti Halverson writes: “Our current Constitution is pretty darn near perfect. I don’t think it needs amending.”

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Marti Halverson: Censure Of Elected Republican Officer Warranted

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As a Republican, I find the funding of a Democrat woman over an incumbent Republican man by a Republican woman in party leadership offensive on many levels.

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In Brief: Republicans choose Steinmetz for Committeeman

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Wyoming Republicans have a new National Committeeman. Corey Steinmetz of Lingle won a five-man race for the job on Saturday.

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