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Logan Wilson’s Wyoming Family Travels To L.A. For Super Bowl

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By Wendy Corr, Cowboy State Daily

Why go to Disneyland when you’ve got a family member playing in the biggest football game of the year just down the road?

One Wyoming family’s vacation this year is happening this weekend in Los Angeles, California, at Superbowl LVI – watching one of their own play in the biggest game of all.

Logan Wilson from Casper is a second-year linebacker for the Cincinnati Bengals. Although the Bengals had a dismal season last year, the team – which has only been in the Super Bowl twice, and has never won – had a stellar 2021, taking the AFC Championship two weeks ago in a thrilling game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

For Wilson’s family, this road to the Super Bowl has been a grand adventure. 

The 6-foot, 2-inch, 241-pound 25-year-old has spent almost his entire life in Wyoming and was a star player for the University of Wyoming before being drafted in 2020 by the Bengals.

“He was recruited by the University of Wyoming right out of high school, and had a great career at the University of Wyoming,” his dad, Trevor Wilson, told Cowboy State Daily. “He started every game he ever played, as a freshman all the way through to senior, and never missed a game, which is pretty cool.”

When he was a toddler, Logan’s parents moved from Aberdeen, South Dakota, to Cody so Trevor could take over as activities coordinator and assistant principal at Cody High School.

Trevor said as a kid attending Livingston Elementary School in Cody, his son loved anything that was sports related.

“Soccer, baseball, it was all sports,” he said. “And Logan loved them all. And of course, that’s all we did. It doesn’t seem that long ago, but it was.”

When Logan was in third grade, the family moved to Casper, where Logan eventually graduated from Natrona County High School. After that, his football career took off. 

Trevor, the associate commissioner for the Wyoming High School Activities Association, attributes Logan’s football success not just to his son’s character, but to a great support system.

“It’s not just him — he’s had great people around him,” Trevor said. “Great friends growing up and coaches, teachers. His support cast has been outstanding. So it’s not just a one-man show. I mean, he’s worked hard, he’s done all that stuff, but he’s got great people around him also.”

And some of those great people are now sharing in Logan’s success as they follow him to Super Bowl LVI.

“My mom has traveled with me to many, many games in the last six years, from the University of Wyoming — well, even high school, farther than that. So she’s been my travel buddy for a while,” Trevor said.

“And then my daughter is flying out of Denver sometime (Thursday), and we’ll meet her in Orange County. And then Logan’s mom and her boyfriend are flying out, Logan’s fiance is already there, and her mom and dad are coming. I mean, it’s not a huge group, but I think there’s 12 of us. It’s pretty awesome,” he said.

Trevor said Logan and his fiancé are planning a July wedding, and have made plans to buy a house near Cincinnati – although Logan has purchased a house in Casper, as well.

“He is a Wyoming kid through and through,” Trevor said. “He bought a house in Casper, so once the season ends, he’s gonna spend his time in Wyoming. That’s just how he is — he likes the small town feel. He loves Wyoming, and people love him. It’s been pretty dang cool, all the support he’s had from our state.”

No matter the outcome from Sunday’s game, Trevor said Logan has every intention of staying in Cincinnati for as long as the Bengals will have him.

“He would like to stay there, but it’s out of their control,” he said. “I mean, he’ll do what he can to contribute to the team, and I think he’ll be in good shape, but you never know, because it’s a business, too, and guys move all over the country on short notice. But hopefully he gets lucky enough to have his whole career at Cincinnati. He loves his coaches, loves his teammates.”

Trevor said the Bengals are having a much better season compared to last year for a number of reasons.

“One is (quarterback) Joe Burrow,” he said. “He’s good, he’s very good. And we signed some people on our defensive line that helps the defense tremendously. I mean, our defense is 10 times better than we were last year. 

“And like I said, our offense with Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase and some of the other receivers, we’ve just got a good team,” Trevor continued. “Somehow, some way, we’ve won three games in a row in the playoffs and we’ll see if we can sneak out another one.”

Trevor said Logan’s Bengals are up against a great team in the Los Angeles Rams.

“They have a great team — a great quarterback, good running backs, a couple of great receivers, and then their defense is great, too,” he said. “When you get to this final two teams in the NFL, they’re going to be two good teams, and the Rams are certainly one of them.”

Because Trevor’s own career has been all about sports, this experience for him has been rewarding – and it’s not just about the game.

“It’s getting to spend time with friends and family and watch (Logan) play on the biggest stages,” he said. “I’ve been so lucky to watch the last three playoff games live with some friends and family, and … obviously that’s the coolest part. And then when we win — that’s really cool. So it’s been an awesome journey for me personally, and I know for Logan as well.”  

And although Trevor said he is enormously pleased with his son’s success, it’s Logan’s character that makes him most proud.

“The first thing that most people mention is what a good kid is, and that’s 10 times more important than what he’s doing right now, because that he has to carry for the rest of his life,” he said. “It makes me very proud.”

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Wyo Football School Coach Congratulates Logan Wilson on Super Bowl

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By Ellen Fike, Cowboy State Daily

Most of the viewers watching Sunday’s NFL game pitting the Cincinnati Bengals against the Kansas City Chiefs haven’t had Cincinnati linebacker Logan Wilson as an overnight guest.

Rep. Steve Harshman, R-Casper, however, can make that claim.

Harshman, a teacher and football coach at Natrona County High School, has known Wilson since he was in third grade and coached him in both flag and regular football during his younger years.

After Sunday’s football game, when the Bengals defeated the Chiefs 27-24, Wilson is heading to play in the Super Bowl on Feb. 13 against the Los Angeles Rams.

“I was just so happy for Logan and his family after the game, and really everybody who has been on this journey with him,” Harshman said. “It put a big old smile on my face. It was honestly just a great game all around, another one that just comes down to overtime.”

Harshman said Wilson’s family moved to Casper from Cody the linebacker was a young boy. The Wilson family already knew Harshman’s wife, Becky, from the Spearfish, South Dakota, making the transition somewhat easier.

Plus, the Harshmans have a son who is Logan’s age, and the two became fast friends.

“At that time, my son and his group of friends were just football crazy. That’s all they would do is play football at recess,” Harshman said. “They got Logan in the group, and he was more of a soccer kid at the time. But then they got him involved, and soon they were all playing football.”

Harshman coached the group of friends in flag football when they were in third and fourth grade, then went on to coach them in their first tackle football team as fifth and sixth graders.

Although he didn’t coach them during junior high, Wilson and the group were back under Harshman’s guidance once they got into high school.

“At one point, Logan was our punter, kicker, receiver and defensive back and was all-state in all four positions. I’d never seen that before,” Harshman said. “When they were seniors, those boys won the state football championship, the state basketball championship and won in indoor and outdoor track. Logan was a three-sport kid all the way through high school.”

Harshman credits Wilson’s success in football to his dedication, hard work and practice, as well as avoiding distractions.

“Everybody wants to win four state titles, but does everybody want to do the work that it takes? And it takes years and years of unseen work,” Harshman said. “Logan definitely had ups and downs. But he’s a good and loyal guy, and he deserves everything he gets.”

Despite the success, Wilson has no plans to let Wyoming go. Harshman noted the young football player bought a house in Casper and lives there during the off-season.

Wilson recently wore thigh pads bearing the Wyoming flag during a football game to share his home state pride.

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Wyoming’s Logan Wilson Ready For NFL Draft

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By Cody Tucker, Cowboy State Daily

CHEYENNE — A representative from one of the NFL’s 32 teams will step up to some sort of virtual podium at the end of the week and utter these words into a microphone: “Logan Wilson, linebacker, Wyoming.”

For Wilson, it’s still surreal to think about. Five years ago, he strolled on to campus in Laramie as a 180-pound defensive back.

Fast forward to the biggest weekend of his life.

Wilson, now 6-feet, 2-inches tall and weighing in at 241 pounds, has 409 tackles under his belt. Tack on 10 career interceptions, seven sacks and five forced fumbles. That equates to a second-team All-American nod, first-team All-Mountain West selection, a finalist for the Butkus Award and a three-time team captain for Craig Bohl’s Cowboys.

Now, the pro football media is claiming the Casper product could be drafted anywhere from the third round to the fifth. Just today, Wilson was called a “sleeper.” He could sneak into the first round, according to some.


Because he has all the intangibles. All of those impressive numbers above, coupled with a blue-collar attitude and work ethic.

Wilson said the nerves haven’t set in yet, but the Natrona County grad knows they are coming.

He will likely become the 83rd Wyoming football player to hear his name called at the draft.

Wilson will be the first Cowboy linebacker selected since Mark Nzeocha went in the seventh round in 2015. Wilson will also be the first UW player from the Cowboy State to get that phone call since Buffalo’s Chris Prosinski went to Jacksonville in the fourth round of the 2011 draft.

If anyone understands the significance of this, it’s Wilson.

He proudly displays a headband with the Wyoming state flag plastered across it. He sported it at the Senior Bowl in Alabama and the NFL Combine in Indianapolis. Wilson also wore it to UW’s Pro Day in Laramie, where he worked out in front of 23 NFL scouts. 

“That’s what makes Wyoming so special,” Logan said, referring to the fan support behind his course to professional football. “It’ll always be my home and I can’t wait to represent Wyoming the right way in this next part of my journey.”

Wilson knows he has an entire state behind him.

He’s watched his former teammate, Josh Allen, turn Wyoming — traditionally a Denver Broncos state — into the newest member of Bills Mafia. That’s another reason Wilson wants to let fans know Buffalo is a team that has been in contact with him.

Former Wyoming basketball player, Larry Nance Jr, knows all about the “Wyoming treatment,” too. When his Lakers traveled to Denver in 2015, hundreds flocked south of the border to Pepsi Center to see him.

“I felt like I was back playing in the Arena-Auditorium in Wyoming,” Nance told NBA.com that night. “It was really cool getting to hear the ‘Larry! chants, the fans screaming. It was awesome.”

Wait until the Bills visit Mile High Stadium this fall. And imagine if Wilson is on either team?

Wilson said he has had conversations with 17 NFL teams since his Wyoming career ended with a 38-17 Arizona Bowl victory over Georgia State. He got in one official visit to Philadelphia before COVID-19 shut the world down. He also met with four teams in Birmingham and four more in Indy.

Denver has called. So has Dallas, Atlanta, New Orleans and plenty of others.

Like he always does, Wilson is quietly going about his business, getting in workouts across from his father’s house at Kelly Walsh High School in Casper. He runs drills daily. He lifts weights. Sometimes his girlfriend joins him. Other times, his father will. 

Wilson will take his 4.63 40-yard dash and laser focus to any team that calls. With him, what you see is what you get.

What we’ve seen is pretty darn good.

“It’s all in God’s hands,” he said of his upcoming selection. “I’ve done what I’m supposed to do in these steps leading up to the draft, so, we will see where I end up. I’m relying on the fact that God will put me where I’m meant to be.”

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