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100-Year-Old Cheyenne Library Book Found In Virginia Beach

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By Ellen Fike, Cowboy State Daily

The staff at the Laramie County Library in Cheyenne got a surprise last week when a Virginia man let them know he had discovered a 100-year-old book taken from the library at an antique mall.

The man reached out to the library staff last week with photos of the book “Gulliver’s Travels” he found in the Virginia Beach Antique Mall that carried an inscription indicating that it was acquired by the library in 1921.

Library spokeswoman Kasey Mossey told Cowboy State Daily on Friday that the man said the classic book was tucked away among other books when he found it.

“The book could have wound up in Virginia Beach through a wide variety of happenstance,” Mossey told Cowboy State Daily. “Someone could have never turned it in and the book was passed along through their possessions, or the book very likely could have been weeded out of the collection at some point and sold or donated elsewhere.”

Mossey noted that in 1921, “Gulliver’s Travels” would have been housed in the Carnegie Library, which was demolished in 1971.

Like the titular character, the book has likely been on many adventures and been passed through many hands (although likely not as tiny as the Liliputians of the book).

Mossey shared the story of the book’s discovery on social media on Friday, where it attracted many reactions and comments.

“It was very cool seeing a piece of Cheyenne history wind up all the way in Virginia and it was even cooler that someone took the time to share it with us!” Mossey told Cowboy State Daily.

In addition to sharing photos of the book, she also shared information about a state law passed in 1921 that prohibited the mutilation of books. According to the law, anyone caught defacing a book could be fined anywhere from $10 to $100 or spend up to 30 days in jail.

Mossey did say there would be no late fees, fines or warnings issued for the person responsible for absconding with the book. Which is a good thing for the culprit.

Even though no one knows exactly when the book disappeared from the library, even assuming it has been gone for only 50 years, the fine at 10 cents per day would total $1,825. However, the library’s policies specify it will charge only a maximum of $2 for late fees.

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Grow With Google reaches Wyoming

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A national program aimed at teaching people how to improve their digital skills reached Wyoming last week.

“Grow With Google” teams appeared at the Natrona and Laramie county libraries to lead classes in how people can use online tools to improve their computer skills, making them increasingly attractive to employers.

Officials with Grow With Google said a private study shows that eight out of 10 middle-skill jobs paying an average of $20 per hour now require some digital skills.

Google public affairs manager Katherine Williams said the classes help teach people how to find information that will help them find jobs or boost their own businesses.

“We’re looking to help educate folks on how they can get to that next level on their education so they can continue to grow with the economy as it does shift and change,” said Katherine Williams, a public affairs manager with Google.

Computers have become an increasingly important tool in business and Grow With Google helps people learn how to use that tool, she added.

“It’s increasingly important to understand, in today’s economy, how to use computers and the Internet to find information to further your career, to grow your small business,” she said.

Google has invested $1 billion in the program, which was launched in 2017, and usually partners with libraries to offer its courses.

Carey Hartmann, executive director of the Laramie County Library, said it made sense for Google to work with local libraries because that is where people go on their own to further their educations.

“And now we need to grow our digital skills and they’re changing so quickly that it’s natural for Google to want to parter with libraries and for libraries to want to partner with Google,” she said.

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