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Kip Crofts: Why Would We Not Consider Putting A Tax On Wind And Solar?

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Columnist Kip Crofts asks: “If Wyoming is going to be the source of wind and solar energy for California and other places, to the point where every vacant acre of Wyoming has a wind turbine, a solar farm, or a transmission line, then what is wrong with having those users of our energy pay a significant tax to us in exchange for our giving up our scenic landscapes?

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Kip Crofts: Thinking About DC Riot: ‘Sometimes I Am Glad That I Am Old’

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Guest columnist Kip Crofts writes: “I know there are people of both political persuasions who try to make some distinction between these lynch mobs, saying that riots in the interest of racial justice are acceptable while those in defense of Donald Trump and his minions are not. But I reject that distinction.”

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