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Wyoming Highway Patrol’s K-9 Specifically Trained To Sniff Out Fentanyl; One Of Very Few In Nation

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The Wyoming Highway Patrol’s fentanyl-sniffing dog is one of the few K-9s at any police department in the country specifically trained to sniff-out pure fentanyl.

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Sublette County Gets New K9 And Dog Body Armor

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On Tuesday, the office introduced K9 Frankie to the world as its newest member of the agency. Frankie is a two-year-old Belgian Malinois from Mexico.

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UW Police Mourn Loss of K9 Colleague Mulder

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The University of Wyoming Police Department is mourning the unexpected death of its K9 colleague, Mulder.

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Sublette County Sheriff Mourns Loss Of K9 Officer

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The Sublette County Sheriff’s Office lost a beloved members of its team this week when K9 officer Tonka passed away.

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