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Natrona County GOP Chides State Republican Party For Attacks On County Clerks

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By Jim Angell, Cowboy State Daily

Natrona County Republicans are chiding the state Republican Party for criticism of the state’s county clerks for clerical errors.

The party, in a resolution adopted by its central committee Sept. 16, expressed support for clerks and criticized the state party for trying to create the impression there is a problem with Wyoming’s election system.

“(The) Natrona County Republican Party rejects any statement and/or effort by statewide Republican Party leadership which undermines, disparages or otherwise casts doubt upon the Wyoming election process,” said the resolution. “(The) Natrona County Republican Party cannot support the state Republican Party’s efforts to misinform the general public of a problem that does not exist.”

The resolution stems from a review of Laramie County election results conducted by the state GOP, said Dr. Joseph McGinley, a state committeeman for the Natrona County Republican Party.

The review revealed errors in the way the county clerk calculated how many precinct committee people would be elected from some precincts.

Laramie County’s clerk apologized for the error and pledged to put safeguards in place to prevent such problems in the future, but McGinley said members of the state party are attempting to use the error to imply there are widespread problems with the state’s election system.

“I agree, it should be accurate, but we’re all human and mistakes can happen,” he said. “County clerks are hard working individuals … they are very busy and they are doing very good work in the community. To have this kind of unnecessary public attack is unfortunate.”

Rather than announcing the errors publicly, the state GOP should have approached the county clerk herself to raise the issue, McGinley added.

“You don’t … put it out publicly and say they’re doing a bad job,” he said. “That’s not the way you do things and it undermines the integrity of the clerk’s office.”

As a result, Natrona County Republicans felt compelled to issue a statement of support for county clerks and point out that according to Secretary of State Ed Buchanan, there have only been three instances of election fraud in Wyoming since 2000.

“We said ‘We appreciate the way you are doing things in Natrona County and more generally across the state,’” he said. “There are no widespread election irregularities. It’s really commendable that the county clerks have done such a good job over the years.”

The resolution will be submitted to the state Republican Party’s central committee for discussion during its meeting in November.

However, McGinley said because the state party orchestrated the review of Laramie County’s election process, he does not believe the resolution will win the central committee’s approval.

“They’re the ones that arranged the targeted approach to the Laramie County clerk to begin with,” he said. “I believe they won’t be amenable to the approach we took.”

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Joe McGinley: You Are The Solution To Political Extremism

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By Dr. Joseph McGinley
Dr. McGinley served as chairman of the Natrona County from March 2017 – March 2021

My name is Dr. Joseph McGinley. I have served as the Chairman of the Natrona County Republican Party (NCRP) for the past 4 years and as Vice Chairman the 4 years prior. Over this time, I have witnessed the implosion of the Wyoming Republican Party (WRP) and many of the County Republican Parties across our great state.

Over the past 4 years, there have been several physical altercations at WRP events, corrupt elections, verbal attacks, voting manipulation, secret investigations, negative national news stories, support of conspiracy theories, smear campaigns against our own elected officials, lawsuits against the WRP, support of out of state Republican officials being investigated for sexual activities and a general lack of decency.

The response of many good Republicans has been to say, “That’s not what I believe in so I’m not going to participate”. This approach however is exactly how we ended up in this situation.

When I was elected Chairman in Natrona County, we were on the brink of extremism. My position was immediately challenged by the extremists, and they even attempted to hold their own meeting to appoint a new chairman. Fortunately, those elected to serve spoke up, reaffirmed my elected position and from that point forward the NCRP focused on building a positive organization based on our values, principles, and constitutional commitment.

We have seen unprecedented success in our county. In the past 4 years, we have had a 100% success rate electing Republicans, seen the largest number of people volunteer as precinct representatives, engaged the young members of our community, volunteered at community events; but most importantly, held true to our values and did not compromise for personal gain.

The extremism we are currently witnessing in the WRP is the result of apathy. True Wyoming Republicans are currently sitting on the sidelines, too disgusted and embarrassed to participate.

The problem however is not our great Republican Party, the problem is those currently in power have twisted the meaning of being Republican. They are willing to name call, lie, manipulate, intimidate and bully to maintain their small sliver of power. However, there is hope, you are the solution to this problem!

This is a call to action! I ask you to stand up and say, “NO” to extremism! I did just that 4 years ago and this encouraged many others to do the same. Good conservative Republicans said “NO” to extremism. We pointed out the hypocrisy and for our efforts, we have been attacked for our voice of consciousness. I personally have been censured by the WRP three times for nothing more that speaking up and speaking out.

However, we did not back down, these attacks just reaffirmed our purpose. The current positive approach and message of the NCRP is the result of many people volunteering many hours to make our community a better place for everyone. We believe in the voice of the individual, we believe in actions over words, we believe in our constitution, and most importantly we believe your participation matters!

Now is the time to act, we need your help. We need good people in every county to speak up. Join our efforts today for we are a volunteer group of Republicans focused on restoring integrity, honor, and respect to the Wyoming Republican Party.

Our group of Wyoming Republicans welcomes your opinion and voice. Our goal is to embrace differences, speak up against bullying, encourage conversations, listen to others, support those in need, offer hope, create opportunity and be respectful of diverse opinions. As Republicans, we believe in the voice of the individual. As Republicans, we will fight for everyone’s right to an opinion, even when, or ESPECIALLY when, we disagree.

Our values teach us to lead by actions and not by words. Now is your time to be part of the solution and better your community. Now is the time for you to open your heart and offer a listening ear to those who have been led astray by the temptations of anger, fear, and deceit. Do not be led down the path of extremism due to false temptations. Instead, engage in conversation with your colleagues about the issues.

Your voice matters and only YOU can make a difference. If we eliminate apathy, we will overcome extremism!

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