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Governor Mark Gordon

Gordon: Government Should Be Limited With As Few Regulations As Possible

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Big government is a cancer.  As a conservative Republican I have, and always will support the rights of private individuals and their rights as business owners to operate their enterprise as they see fit. We need fewer regulations, not more.  I oppose growing government interference.

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Gordon to Announce COVID Relief Program For Bars, Restaurants Which Have to Close at 10pm

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Gov. Mark Gordon, the Wyoming Business Council and the Wyoming Department of Health are all working together to quickly roll out a relief program to businesses that now have reduced hours of operation due to the newest health orders passed this week.

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Cat Urbigkit: State Trust Lands Aren’t “Public” Land

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wild horses

Most people I’ve talked to about this proposed land deal usually respond with “What the …” and “I thought the State was broke,” but some have expressed the view that it would be good to have more public land, more public access, more areas set aside for wildlife – as if state and federal lands are managed in the same way. They aren’t.

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Crews working 7 days a week to repair irrigation canal

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Fort Laramie-Gering irrigation canal
Crews work to repair the collapsed tunnel on the Fort Laramie-Gering irrigation canal. The tunnel’s collapse in July shut off irrigation water to 100,000 acres of land in eastern Wyoming and western Nebraska. Officials hope to have water running in the canal within two to three weeks. (Photo courtesy of the Goshen Irrigation District)

Out-of-state contractors are racing to complete repairs on a collapsed irrigation tunnel in Goshen County as governmental agencies analyze the best ways to help affected farmers.

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Streamlining bureaucracy could improve opportunities for Native American startups

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Streamlining bureaucracy could improve opportunities for Native American startups

Gordon opened the WY-Wind River: Economic Development & Entrepreneurship Symposium on Wednesday at the University of Wyoming with remarks about moving forward together with Wyoming’s Native American population, embracing the outdoors and supporting entrepreneurship.

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