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Jake Nichols: What I Learned Watching These Winless Wyoming Girls Play Basketball

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Coach Sean Shockley (middle) coaches up the winless, but undaunted, Jackson Lady Broncs. CREDIT: Tom Holland

SAT scores are nice but you wanna build character? Try surviving a 37-game losing streak. Hold your head up when your team hasn’t won a game in a month. Or a year. 

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Cat’s Leg Saved! Cheyenne Vet Takes Off A Few Toes But Feline Lives To Walk Another Day

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All hail Cheyenne Animal Shelter veterinarian Dr. Tesscha Winsch. Although she feared a “community cat’s” leg couldn’t be saved, she did it. The cat lost a few toes but she was healthy enough to be released earlier this week and “No Toes” is back on the prowl.

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With 40 Positions Open At Laramie County Detention, New Sheriff Seeks to ‘Glam Up’ Correctional Careers

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Sheriff Brian Kozak talking to Chief Deputy of Jail Administration Perry Rockvam. (Photo by Renée Jean)

New Laramie County Sheriff Brian Kozak has launched a podcast series which aims to show jobs as a correctional officer offer chances to save lives and make a difference in the world — all on an entry level starting salary that can pay the bills.

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Wyoming Snow Plow Driver Overwhelmed By Support After Bringing Tacos To Stranded Truckers

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A snow plow driver felt sorry for all the stranded truck drivers outside of Evanston, so he decided to take them some snacks. When he posted his simple little idea on Facebook, inviting drivers who wanted a taco to turn on their flashers, he got a lot more help than he bargained for, a restoration of his faith in humanity, for one.

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University of Wyoming Law Student Reunited With Family’s Tribal Headdress In England

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A UW law student traveled to a London museum last month to see her great-great grandfather’s headdress which is in a storage facility. Chief Yellow Calf is considered one of the Northern Arapaho’s most important and respected leaders. UW leaders are working to bring it back home.

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Wyoming’s Dessie Bebout: Veteran, Caregiver And Almost Pilot Celebrates At 102

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In honor of a life that saw her feed the hungry and care for the sick in Shoshoni, as well as serve in a special military program for women in World War II and almost become a licensed pilot, Hudson Mayor Mike Anderson on May 30 declared a new town holiday: Dessie Bebout Day. 

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Pony Express To Head Through Wyoming Next Week

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The ride will take place through the southern half of Wyoming from June 21 to June 23, when the riders will cross the state border into Nebraska, according to the ride tracker. A rider is expected to cross into Wyoming around 6:30 a.m. on June 21, hitting areas from Granger to Torrington in the two-day period.

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