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New (Free) Postcard Displays Wyoming’s Geological Wonders

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By Ellen Fike, Cowboy State Daily

A new, free postcard being offered by the Wyoming State Geological Survey is displaying all of Wyoming’s geological marvels across the state.

The 4×6-inch postcard includes a colorful map of rock formations, faults, basins, mountain ranges and other geologic features across Wyoming. This is a modified version of the map first published in 1985.

The postcard shows features as young as active modern sand dunes to igneous and metamorphic rocks that date back more than 3.4 billion years. Many of the “new” sand dunes can be found throughout the middle portion of the state, through Casper and the Wind River Basin.

The billion-years old igneous rocks are seen stretching from the southeast portion of the state to the western portion around the Wind River Range and in the north near the Bighorn Mountains.

The map also points out rock units that are important to Wyoming’s economic geology and highlights certain areas that contain fossils.

The postcard is available free online, although shipping is around $7.50 for a 10-pack of the cards. They can also be obtained at the WSGS office on the University of Wyoming campus or can also be ordered by calling the WSGS at 307-766-2286.

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Learn about Bighorn Canyon NRA during “Junior Ranger Day”

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Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area Junior Ranger Day this weekend

By Cowboy State Daily

People interested in learning more about the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area should visit the recreation area near Lovell this weekend for “Junior Ranger Day.”

The day is filled with activities designed to teach kids and adults about the activities available to them in the park, said Todd Johnson, a park ranger and visual information specialist for the recreation area.

“It’s to get them to experience what the park is all about,” he said. “We have different activities for them. We have developed ‘junior ranger’ booklets and they get stamps in their booklets as they finish different activities.”

The celebration is part of National Park Week, observed April 20 through 28. Part of that observation nationally is “Junior Ranger Day,” Johnson said, although each park or recreation area is allowed to set its own activities and schedule for the day.

“It’s meant to help you better understand the individual park that you’re visiting,” he said.

Activities available during Saturday’s event at Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area will include fishing, geology and art, Johnson said. Participants will also be encouraged at one station to use a camera to take some photographs that they will then be able to post on social media.

Once the booklets are filled with stamps, participants can turn them in at the Bighorn Canyon Visitor Center to receive a National Park Week Junior Ranger badge.

While the activities are largely aimed at children, Johnson said it is not unusual to see adults visiting activity stations as well.

“Last year we had some women who just wanted to go ahead and participate, which is fantastic,” he said. “It’s a popular thing for adults to do as well, because they learn a lot.”

For more information, call the recreation area at (307) 548-5406.

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