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Wyoming One Catastrophe Away From Severe Increase In Gas Prices

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Wyoming is just one catastrophe away from a severe increase in the already sky-high fuel prices, industry leaders told a state panel studying Wyoming’s gas and diesel prices Friday.

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Wyoming Police Departments Not (Yet) Limiting Calls Due To High Gas Prices

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Although gas prices in Wyoming are at record high levels, police departments have not started limiting services because of budgetary pressures yet, unlike other places in the country.

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Get Ready For Six Dollar Gas In Wyoming

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Although gas prices in Wyoming are at a record level now, the worst is yet to come. One gasoline distributor said drivers should brace themselves this summer for prices over $6 a gallon.

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Every Wyo County Averaging Over $4 Per Gallon; AAA Predicts $6 Nationwide

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Gas prices in all of Wyoming’s 23 counties have reached an average of more than $4 per gallon in a trend that likely to not stop any time soon, according to a University of Wyoming professor.

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Officials Believe It’s ‘Unlikely’ Wyoming Gas Prices Will Hit $5

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Despite gas prices hitting a record peak last week, at least two officials told Cowboy State Daily this week that they do not believe prices will hit a state average of $5.

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Unlike Rest of Country, Wyoming Not Experiencing Gasoline Theft

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So far Wyoming has escaped large degrees of gasoline theft unlike many communities across the nation.

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AAA: Wyoming Has 10th Highest Gas Prices In Nation

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Little America, Cheyenne.

Wyoming has the 10th most expensive gas prices in the United States, according to a report released by AAA this week.

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Expert: Wyo Gas Prices Already Much Higher Than National Average Will Keep Going Up

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Gas prices in Wyoming — which are already much higher than the national average — will continue to increase leading up to the 4th of July weekend.

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Wyoming Gas Prices Up 65% In Last Year; 4 Cent Increase in Last Week

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Little America, Cheyenne.

Wyoming has seen a 65% increase in gasoline prices in the last year, from $1.79 on May 14, 2020.

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Pipeline Shutdown Won’t Crank Prices in Wyoming

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Wyoming drivers will likely not feel the pinch at the pump that has hit many drivers throughout the eastern and southern United States following a weekend ransomware attack on the country’s largest gasoline pipeline.

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Wyoming Gas Prices Skyrocket; Up 23% From Last Year

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Gas prices in Wyoming have gone up by more than 39 cents per gallon in the last month.

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