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Wyoming Botulism Death Appears To Be Isolated, Source Remains Elusive

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So far, there appear to be no other cases of botulism connected to the one that killed a Jackson man last week, the Wyoming Department of Health said.

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Jackson Outdoorsman Dies From Botulism; Tainted Soup Suspected

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After a two-month struggle against an insidious botulism infection, Hans Russell, 56, of Jackson died Wednesday in a Salt Lake hospital. It is thought that Russell contracted botulism from tainted soup while on a river trip in Idaho.

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Denver To Get First In-And-Out Burger; Wyoming Not Even On Map 

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While Colorado will be getting its 7th In-N-Out Burger soon, Wyoming still has zero. And will likely have zero for a long time.

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Wyoming Food Banks Struggle With Supply Chain Issues

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Food pantries across Wyoming are struggling to meet an increased demand for assistance due to the pandemic because of supply chain issues seen around the nation.

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Vegan Scientists Claim They Can Make Hamburgers Out Of Microbes From Yellowstone National Park

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A Chicago-based vegan company claims they can make hamburgers out of microbes from Yellowstone National Park.

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