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Legislative Committee To Study Film Incentives in Wyoming After Missing Out On ‘Yellowstone’ & ‘Joe Pickett’

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A legislative committee will once again study a film incentive program for Wyoming after the Office of Tourism said Wyoming missed out on hit TV shows “Yellowstone” and “Joe Pickett” because there is no such incentive in the state.

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Wyoming’s minimal exposure in movies could soon dissipate

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As the last of the funding is drained from the Wyoming Office of Tourism’s Film Incentives Program, the state could see even less time on the silver screen.
Filming in Wyoming can be a hard sell for out-of-state companies such as Netflix and Thunder Road Films, which produced Wind River in 2017.

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House kills film incentive bill

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A plan to draw film production companies to Wyoming with incentives died on a narrow House vote Thursday.

HB 164 would have created a program to allow the state to reimburse film companies for some of their expenses while filming in Wyoming. The reimbursement would only have gone into effect if the production company spent more than $200,000 in Wyoming.

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