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Is Greta Thunberg Actually Smart Or Is She Just A Propped-Up Celebrity Armed With A PR Machine?

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Photo by Bernd Lauter/Getty Images

When pressed to defend her stances on climate change issues, Swedish activist Greta Thunberg responded with giggles and sarcastic replies, prompting critics to say it shows she has little understanding of climate science and is following a script her handlers give her.  

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Former DOE Nuclear Security Official Says Wyoming Reactor Not Safe

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A Wapiti man whose career in the Department of Energy focused on nuclear security says the TerraPower Natrium reactor planned for Kemmerer poses significant risks for proliferation and accident. TerraPower says these risks have been considered and addressed as much as reasonably possible.

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No More Natural Gas: Biden Plan Would Ban All Federal Buildings From Using Fossil Fuels By 2030

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Greg Johnson, Cowboy State Daily

Energy experts say Biden’s plan to eliminate fossil fuels in more than 360,000 federal buildings in the U.S. is “absurd” and “foolish.” Not only would the buildings need to be retrofitted but weather-dependent energy sources are unreliable as Germany is experiencing.

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Jonah Field Executive: Resumption Of Oil, Gas Leasing ‘Promising’

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Photo by William Campbell/Corbis via Getty Images

The end to a moratorium on oil and gas lease sales on federal land is “promising,” even though the amount of land to be leased has been significantly reduced from original proposals, a vice president of Jonah Energy told Cowboy State Daily.

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