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Tesla Batteries Are Impossible To Repair, Are Trashed For Minor Damage

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Tesla batteries can weigh about 1,000 pounds and are notoriously difficult to repair, resulting in being trashed for minor damage.

Experts say Tesla batteries are virtually impossible to repair and are usually junked for minor damage, which seems to undermine their environmental benefits.

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Why Electric Farm Vehicles Ain’t Going to Happen Anytime Soon

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Correction: The actual size of a 250-gallon tank is 33.4 cubic feet. The battery size is based on gallons and isn't impacted by the error.

The physics of lithium-ion batteries allow for passenger car transportation in many circumstances, but when it comes to doing anything more industrial than driving, like farming, the possibilities are very limited.

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Uh-Oh, $24 Million In Fed Money To Build Wyoming Charging Stations May Not Be Enough

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(Greg Johnson, Cowboy State Daily)

Wyoming has been waiting for final rules on a federal program that will provide $24 million to build out a network of electric vehicle charging stations along interstates. But rigid federal rules and low EV traffic volume in Wyoming may deter companies from applying.

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