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Why California’s Ban On Diesel Trucks Could Impact Wyoming

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California first banned gas-powered cars. Now it’s targeting diesel-powered semitrucks. And the charging stations needed for the electric trucks that would replace diesel trucks will require about the same amount of power as a small town.

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Wyoming EV Road Trip Hell: Cheyenne to Casper In 15 Hours

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Finding places to power-up and long waits to charge meant it took one Nissan Leaf owner 15 hours to drive from Cheyenne to Casper (178 miles).

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State Of Wyoming Has No Plans To Switch To Electric Vehicles

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Because Wyoming lacks the infrastructure to support electric vehicles, the state maintains no EVs in its 5,000+ vehicle-fleet and has no plans to change in the immediate future.

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Feds Deny Most Exemptions to Wyoming’s Electric Vehicle Plan

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While the Federal Highway Administration has OK’d Wyoming’s EV plan, it denied most exemption requests to the 50-mile charge station rule.

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Future Of Electric Vehicles In Wyoming Will Be Driven By Tourism, Experts Say

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Automotive insiders say car chargers are key to tourism because where the car chargers are, the tourists go. They also say the more car chargers there are in Wyoming will mean more residents who will buy electric cars.

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More Than One-Third Of Wyoming’s Electric Vehicles In Teton County; Three Counties Have Zero

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Although there are only 456 electric cars registered in Wyoming, more than one-third of those are in Teton County. Three counties, Big Horn, Crook, and Niobrara, have no electric vehicles.

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There Are Only 456 Electric Cars Registered in Wyoming; Will They Ever Catch On?

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Photo by Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images.

Wyoming has one of the lowest electric vehicle ownership rates in the country with only 456 EVs registered in the state. How quickly the state will warm-up to these vehicles is uncertain.

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Wyoming Working To Develop Network Of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

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Photo by Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images

The Wyoming Department of Transportation will hold a series of public meetings to develop a plan to use $25 million to provide incentives for private companies to build the stations across the state.

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Fuel taxes pale in light of future electric travel

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Gas Tax

Fuel taxes alone can’t keep pace with the cost of highway maintenance in a future with electric vehicles and fuel-efficient engines, Sen. Stephan Pappas, R-Cheyenne, said.

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