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In Brief: UW dorm bill scaled back

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Female student taking notes, ALT=University of Wyoming dorm bill scaled back

By Cowboy State Daily

A measure that would let the University of Wyoming borrow $88 million to build new dormitories was cut significantly Wednesday.

The Senate Appropriations Committee decided instead to provide the university with $10 million to begin the project.

HB 293 had originally proposed letting the university borrow enough money from the state’s “rainy day fund” to build dormitories to house 2,000 bedrooms and then destroy or refurbish the old dormitories.

But before sending the bill to the Senate for debate by the full body, the Appropriations committee changed the loan to a direct appropriation for $10 million.

The bill heads to the floor shortly before the deadline for bills to get through the “Committee of the Whole,” their first review by the full body.

All “Committee of the Whole” work is to be completed by Thursday.

Bill would let UW borrow $88 million for new dorms

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By Cowboy State Daily

A proposal to let the University of Wyoming borrow $88 million to build new dormitories is under consideration by the Senate Appropriations Committee.

HB 293 has been assigned to the Senate Appropriations Committee. The bill would let the university borrow $88 million from the state’s budget reserve account — also called the “rainy day fund” — to build enough new dormitories to house 2,000 beds.

The money would also be used to renovate or demolish old dormitories on campus. 

Because the work on the dormitories would affect traffic at the university, another $3.5 million from the state’s main bank account would be used for a traffic impact study.

The plan has the backing of university students, who say the replacement of the old dormitories will help lure more students to Laramie.

“Especially with the dean’s office and the president’s office wanting to increase enrollment over the next couple years in our strategic plan, it is very, very crucial to the University of Wyoming that we get new dorms as soon as possible,” said Adrian Vetter, a senator with the Associated Students of the University of Wyoming.

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