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Death penalty bill clears first House vote

A bill that would repeal Wyoming’s death penalty won preliminary approval from Wyoming’s House on Wednesday. HB 145 would make life without the possibility of parole the harshest sentence that could be handed down in the state. It was approved in its “Committee of the Whole” review — the first time a bill is reviewed by all House members. It now moves to its second of three readings in the House. Keep Reading | 170 words

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Man freed from prison says life in prison preferable sentence for killer

The death penalty is not the best way to punish a killer for his crimes, according to a man whose murder conviction and death penalty were overturned in 2004. Randy Steidl, who was wrongfully convicted of murder in the 1986 death of a couple, was at the Legislature this week to lobby in favor of SF 145, which would repeal the state’s death penalty and make life without the possibility of parole the state’s harshest criminal penalty. Keep Reading | 263 words

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