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Colorado Rockies Hosting Annual University of Wyoming Night In July

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By Ellen Fike, Cowboy State Daily

Baseball-starved Wyoming fans will have a reason to celebrate next month as the Colorado Rockies hosts one of its most popular themed events — the University of Wyoming night.

Baseball may have been eliminated at the UW in 1996, but the Cowboy fans can still see the school’s name linked with America’s favorite pastime during the UW-themed night on July 17, when the Rockies will take on the Los Angeles Dodgers at 6:10 p.m. at Rockies Stadium in Denver.

Those who purchase a ticket package will receive a Wyoming Cowboys-themed Rockies hat. The baseball team will also donate $2 from every ticket sale to the Wyoming Alumni Association and Cowboy Joe Club.

Baseball fans in Wyoming lost their college team to cheer for in 1996, when budget cuts forced the elimination of the program. The team had been an NCAA Division I team with the Western Athletic Conference since 1962. Prior to that, the team appeared once, in 1956, at the College World Series.

Cowboy fans traveling to Denver for the game are encouraged to wear their best brown and gold gear to support their favorite university. Tickets are on sale now, with prices as low as $18.

This is an annual event organized between the Rockies and the university, although it was canceled last summer due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Rockies Stadium will return to hosting full capacity crowds of 50,000 beginning Monday. All tickets will now be digital.

However, due to coronavirus health guidelines, players can’t sign autographs or toss baseballs into the crowd.

Masks aren’t required to enter the stadium, but are encouraged for those who aren’t fully vaccinated.

All concession, ticket and retail transactions are cashless due to coronavirus guidelines, although the stadium staff have placed reverse ATMs throughout the venue to allow people to put money back onto their debit cards.

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Colorado Rockies Given A 0.1% Chance of Making Playoffs

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As Lloyd Christmas said in the immortal classic “Dumb and Dumber,” “So you’re telling me there’s a chance….”

The baseball analysis site Fangraphs has put out its annual baseball playoff projections and it gives the Colorado Rockies a 0.1% chance of making the playoffs this year.

Before you get depressed, the Rockies outdo the Baltimore Orioles who have a 0.0% chance of post-season action.

The Dodgers, in case anyone is still interested, have the best odds at making the playoffs in the National League West with a 96.7% chance while the Padres are next in line sporting 92.9% odds.

Fans reacted predictably on Twitter.

“The Rockies odds to make the playoffs are way too high,” tweeted one baseball critic.

Another said the Rockies — if they tried hard enough — could go winless.

“The Rockies are paying the Cards $50 million to play Nolan Arenado because if he stayed in Colorado they might win games.  This is a team dedicated not only to no playoffs but to no wins. 0-162. Think big!”, Edward Morris said.

While yet another down-in-the-dumps Rockies observer posted a GIF showing “live footage of the Rockies front office trying to compete”

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