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U.S. Power Plants Short On Coal; Utilities Scrambling With Cold Temps Ahead

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With power plants experiencing a severe shortage of coal, no one is saying “I told so you” louder than the Wyoming Mining Association.

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Wyo Environmental Quality Council Rejects Brooks Coal Mine Appeal

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The decision clears the way for the development of the Brooks Mine, which will provide coal for Ramaco’s research activity and for manufacturing advanced carbon products and materials.

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Wyoming Coal Bankruptcies: Who is Responsible for Reclamation?

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Since 2015, six coal companies operating in Wyoming have filed for bankruptcy, causing some to question who will be responsible for reclaiming the defunct operations’ mines.

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Wyoming Coal Decline Could Continue, but Developments Might Help Industry’s Future

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The short-term outlook for coal may be bleak, but he said there are several developments underway in 2020 which could impact the industry’s long-term outlook.

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Trade sector could use displaced coal miners, officials say

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Business and government leaders around the Wyoming are scrambling to make sure Wyoming workers remain Wyoming workers as the jobs in the coal industry subside.

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Miners face uncertainty of changing coal markets

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Campbell County residents say that although the coal industry has traditionally been a stable source of income and employment, the dropping demand for coal has changed things on the ground.

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