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Analysis: Anti-Fossil Fuel Groups Outspend Industry Groups More Than 2-1

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(Greg Johnson, Cowboy State Daily Illustration)

While “Big Oil” is said to be funding campaigns fighting a transition away from fossil fuels, data shows that anti-fossil fuel groups also have large war chests to advance their agenda and outspend industry more than 2-1.

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Highly Anticipated U.N. Report Could Drive More Anti-Fossil Fuels Regulations

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(Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images for Grounded)

A consortium of the world’s leading climate scientists is meeting this week to produce a summary of research. The last edition of the summary led U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-New York, to believe the world would end in 2030.

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Documentary Shows Net-Zero Energy Transition Would Cost $1.1 Million For Every Adult American

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A new documentary on climate change doesn’t dispute that carbon dioxide has an impact on climate, but it does does question if that impact will produce catastrophic results that justify the $1.1 million cost per American adult to eliminate fossil fuels.

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No Cars, No Energy, No Mating: Has The Environmental Movement Turned Anti-Human?

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Photo by Robert Alexander/Getty Images

One prominent environmentalist is calling for the end of cars. Another is calling for the end of all mating. One is OK with mating but only with short people. They all appear to believe that humans are a cancer on the planet and some of their views are becoming mainstream.

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Why Modern Civilization Isn’t Possible Without Fossil Fuels

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Steel, considered one of the pillars of modern civilization, isn't possible without fossil fuels. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

When activists talk of an energy transition away from fossil fuels to wind and solar, they’re looking at a small subset of the total energy people use. The larger portion is heavy industry. Energy experts say civilization not only depends on heavy industry, it’s virtually impossible to run without fossil fuels.

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Conservative Think Tank Sends Wyoming Teachers Textbook Challenging ‘Climate Crisis’ Narrative

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A conservative think tank sent out copies of a new textbook on climate change this week to teachers in Wyoming. It is raising alarm among those who want children taught that the planet is becoming uninhabitable as a result of climate change.

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Keep Burning Fossil Fuels, Says Wyoming Climate Change Skeptic

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Tony Heller and his wife, Kirye (Courtesy Photo)

Cheyenne author, geologist, computer scientist, and environmentalist Tony Heller is a contrarian in national climate circles. He believes that carbon dioxide is not producing any meaningful warming and since CO2 is not a problem, he says we should just keep using fossil fuels.

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Climate Change? Faulty Sensors, Less Rigorous Standards Could Be Skewing Data

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“Very hard political decisions are being made around the world based on what people think is happening,” he said. “People need to tread very lightly and have an understanding of the sausage-making process. Everyone loves a hot dog, but no one wants to know how it’s made.”

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On Climate Change & Cattle Production

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On climate change and cattle

The latest report coming from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is focused on climate change and land, but something must have been garbled in the translation from Geneva because much of the U.S.-media translation emphasized that people should eat less beef and quit wasting so much food. That unfortunate result comes from reporters unwilling to make the time and effort to read the report itself, which – at hundreds of pages and still in draft form – makes for an interesting but not-pleasant task.

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Words Matter: Manipulative Messaging

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We see manipulative messaging examples every day. In food production it ranges from the use of terms such as factory-farmed animals or organic products, to the clean meat and meatless burgers (which are neither meat nor burger, and by the same token, just as milk comes from an animal with mammary glands, not nuts or beans).

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