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UW, Casper College Report More Active Coronavirus Cases

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By Ellen Fike, Cowboy State Daily

The coronavirus has been reported among students, faculty or staff at two colleges in Wyoming.

The University of Wyoming reported that seven coronavirus cases were detected among the university population during the first week of classes, all but one of the cases diagnosed in people who live off-campus.

Casper College reported three active cases, two students and one employee. The students were confirmed new positive cases the week of Aug. 22, while the employee was confirmed to be positive the week of Aug. 15.

UW has now seen 75 coronavirus cases since the pandemic began in March. With the recovery of 49 of those patients, the active case count at the UW stands at 26 as of Monday.

Of the current active cases at the university, one is a student living on campus, 19 are students living off-campus and six are university employees living off-campus.

The new UW cases reported in the past five days involve the one student living on campus, two employees in Laramie and four students living off-campus.

As of Monday, 12,779 tests have been processed by Vault Health at UW. A small number of employees and students have taken the test twice.

Casper College won’t report information in addition to the number of new and active cases on campus. No new information was posted Friday, which is when the college had earlier said it would update its coronavirus information.

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Sense of community makes Casper neighborhood one of magazine’s 50 ‘nicest places’

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A Casper neighborhood has been identified by Reader’s Digest magazine as one of the 50 “nicest places in America.”

The neighborhood on south Chestnut Street near Casper College was recognized for its sense of community as described by Danica Sveda, the resident who nominated the area for the honor.

“The area is a diamond in a world of disconnectedness,” she wrote in her nomination to the magazine.

Residents who spoke with Cowboy State Daily agreed with Sveda’s description.

“We actually have a community where neighbors talk to each other, we do things over the summer,” said resident Jason Sawdon, a trooper for the Wyoming Highway Patrol.

“Everybody gets along, everybody just goes up and down (the street) and visits with each other,” said Deby Wolfe. “Everybody’s there to help you out, even when you don’t ask.”

Sveda described a race that occurs in the neighborhood during winter storms to see who can clear the most sidewalks.

“We have a friendly competition,” Sawdon said. “We go out and clear the sidewalks and rake the leaves and help each other out. That’s part of our community is to help each other out. We have a mixture of young and old in this neighborhood. Some people can physically do it and some people can’t. The ones that can help out the ones that can’t.”

Several residents noted that neighborhood children can often be seen playing up and down the streets.“It’s really cool to just watch kids,” said Kaysha Martin. “They just play all over.”

“The kids, they do go and they play everywhere,” Wolfe said. “Everybody’s watching everybody’s kids, so everybody knows that they’re safe.”

Residents also take the time to speak with each other, another fact that contributed to the neighborhood’s ranking.

“I’ve lived all over the country and it’s nice to come home and be able to say hi to my neighbors and be able to talk to them over the fence,” Sawdon said. “We can do that here. We all want to be part of each other’s lives in what little ways that we can.”

Branding Day in Wyoming: Ranchers and rodeo stars at work on 3J Ranch

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Branding day in Wyoming means hard work, comrade, tradition and stewardship. At the 3J Ranch in central Wyoming, it also means catching glimpses of real cowboys (and rodeo stars) at work.

It’s a special day in a much glamorized slice of Wyoming life.

And they say, “To be a cowboy, there’s no better job in the world.”

Last Thursday was a big day on the 3J Ranch. It was branding day. A day that was delayed more than a week by wet conditions. The cattle were gathered on a beautiful morning west of Casper, Wyoming and the 3J Ranch tradition dating to the early days of Wyoming statehood was carried out by many friends and Johnson family members.

Casper College rodeo coach Jhett Johnson led the massive branding effort. Jhett Johnson, a bonafide cowboy and rodeo star earned a world champion’s gold buckle for team roping in 2011. His son, Kellan Johnson, is a real deal cow hand and rodeo star too. Kellan Johnson won the 2018 college national title in rodeo for the same event.

Between the backdrop and the cowboys, it’s hard not to feel like you are walking into a photo shoot with a bunch of Marlboro men. They are keeping the traditions of the west alive in ol’ Wyoming and passing their knowledge on to the next generation of ranchers while they’re at it.

Traveling Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall Comes to Casper

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Frank Gambino for Cowboy State Daily

A traveling 80 percent replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, in Washington D.C., made a stop in Casper recently. The wall’s exhibition in Casper gave veterans the opportunity to reflect on their service and the friends they left behind.

“I appreciate it so very much,” said Vietnam veteran Kenneth Vroman. “It is a homecoming for myself and for other people.”

Wyoming lost 123 natives in Southeast Asia. At Casper College American flags waived for each Wyoming serviceman lost during the conflict.

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