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Bill Sniffin: ‘Common Sense Republicans’ Are Practical Wyomingites Avoiding Progressive Trends

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In response to Rod Miller’s column last week, columnist Bill Sniffin writes: “’Common sense Republicans’ are folks who are anti-abortion, anti-gender-bending, anti-boys competing against girls, anti-pornographic books in our schools, anti-global warming hysteria, and who are upset about a new emphasis on how bad America is.”

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Bill Sniffin: Here Is A Kuralt-Like Spectacular Wyoming Road Trip

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Bill Sniffin writes: “On this day, Jimmy Orr, Dave Simpson, Dave Lerner, Rod Miller, and I honored the late Jim Angell at the new Cowboy State Daily offices. We had a great time telling Jim Angell stories and puffing away on his brand of favorite cigars on a perfect late afternoon.”

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Bill Sniffin: Al Simpson May Still Be The Most Interesting Man In Wyoming

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Bill Sniffin writes when former Sen. Al Simpson, a Republican who is a harsh critic of current Wyoming GOP leadership, receives his Presidential Medal of Freedom on Thursday, he will say that he is an American who lives in Wyoming and will not be saying that he is a member of the Wyoming Republican Party.

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Bill Sniffin: The Richest Man In The World Lives Here In The Cowboy State

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Bill Sniffin writes about the Richest Man in the World: “It is well-known that Joe married ‘up,’ which means he found himself an ideal wife. People say his wife should not put up with all of Joe’s hobbies, but she accepts them with a smile, because she likes them, too.”

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So You Think It Has Been Cold Lately In Wyoming? How Does -66 Sound To You?

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Bill Sniffin writes: “What is the official coldest temperature ever? UW Historian Phil Roberts said, “I think the record is still -66 recorded Feb. 9, 1933 at Moran. I heard the temperature was actually colder, but the thermometers didn’t have the capacity to register a lower reading!'”

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Bill Sniffin Memory: A Cross At Christmas On Top Of Crump’s Mountain

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Publisher Bill Sniffin offers a memory: “Without thinking, I placed it vertically against a dead tree — how about that? Michael disagreed and not really realizing what we were doing, he insisted we lay it out horizontally, which we did. And it suddenly became a cross.”

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Bill Sniffin: The Duck Whisperer’s Take On Wyoming’s Political Situation

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Publisher Bill Sniffin says: “That tag Dead Duck may very well describe Ms. Cheney in about six months. Or sooner if Republicans continue to bail on her. Her actions on the committee investigating the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol will continue to sour Wyoming voters, we predict.”

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Bill Sniffin: ‘Taking Chance’ Is Wonderfully Sincere Movie About The Death Of Wyoming Marine – One Of My All-time Favorites

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Publisher Sniffin writes: “It is the story about a young Marine from Dubois named Chance Phelps, who was killed on Good Friday, April 9, 2004, in Iraq. The movie is about Lt. Col. Mike Strobl’s journey in bringing the young man’s body home to Wyoming.”

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Bill Sniffin: UW Game Day ‘Back To Normal’ – It Is Just So Much Fun For The Cowboy State

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Publisher Bill Sniffin writes: “A real old-fashioned football weekend at Laramie had not occurred for over two years. But this weekend was just so much fun – the tail-gating, the banquets, the pomp, the huge crowds, and it even culminated with a nail-biter of a football game victory.”

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