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Massive Snowfall In Wyoming Bear Country Could Be Good For Hunters

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Joe Kondelis and his nephew Kaiden Kondelis after a successful bear hunt in the Sunlight Basin northwest of Cody. (Courtesy Photo)

Much of Wyoming’s mountainous bear county is buried in massive amounts of snow, and with even more expected before spring black bear hunting seasons open in May, things might seem grim for hunters. One bear hunter, however, says the snow could actually work in favor for the hunters.

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Mark Heinz: If You Can Stomach The Gore, You’ll Actually Root For ‘Cocaine Bear’

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Cowboy State Daily Movie Review: “Like cocaine itself, ‘Cocaine Bear’ is an exercise in completely reckless abandon. It’s a manifestation of that special American brand of excess that Van Halen front man David Lee Roth summed up perfectly when he said, ‘If two is good, then 10 is better.’”

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‘Cocaine Bear’ To Hit Wyoming Theaters On Friday; Some Theaters To Have Sneak Preview

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Good news! The highly-anticipated movie ‘Cocaine Bear’ will be released later this week. Wyoming outdoorsmen say it is an appropriate movie for the Cowboy State as there are frequent human-bear incidents but none, that they know of, involving cocaine-addled grizzlies though.

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