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Game And Fish Capture Bear In Casper Sunday Morning

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Photo by Elizabeth Hansen

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Staff reports

A bear was captured in Casper on Sunday morning, according to the Casper Police Department.

The law enforcement agency reported that just after 8 a.m., Wyoming’s Game and Fish Department was able to capture the lone bear.

Earlier reports said there were three bears wandering in Casper.  But police revised the report later and confirmed there was only one.

Casper resident Elizabeth Hansen took a photo of the bear near Cottonwood Elementary School.

“Just saw one walk past my living room window,” Hansen said on Facebook. 

Earlier in the day, residents were advised to stay in their homes while officials worked to contain the animal.

Bear Sightings In The West

Bear sightings in some Wyoming communities are not an anomaly, although sightings are less frequent in larger towns.

In the Jackson area, reports of bears are common as the world observed in the last two years with the constant monitoring of celebrity Grizzly 399 and her four cubs, which were frequently seen in the area.

Earlier this week, the Idaho Fish and Game Department issued a release warning residents of Salmon, Idaho, that a grizzly was spotted in the area, which is uncommon for that portion of Idaho.

“Most of Idaho’s grizzly bear populations are in the northern Panhandle area and the area in and around Yellowstone National Park in eastern Idaho,” officials said.

“But young male grizzlies may wander long distances and into areas where people don’t expect to encounter them. These young male bears typically wander through an area, but do not remain there,” they said.

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Jimmy Orr: Bear Obliterates Truck. I Mean REALLY Obliterates Truck

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Jimmy Orr on bear destruction
Jimmy Orr writes: If there was a bear Hall of Fame, this one should get inducted.

By Jimmy Orr, Cowboy State Daily

Locking the car doors may seem like a simple task to many of us, but to others it’s an insurmountable burden. A Sisyphean job so onerous that it can’t be done.

That’s why there are so many reminders from the police that hitting that daunting button after exiting a vehicle is a good strategy.

Wildlife officials issue that same call endlessly.

But some dopes individuals don’t get it.

Vehicles are stolen, goods inside vehicles are stolen and bears sometimes turn into Tasmanian Devils and destroy cars.

Happened again on Monday.

A bear opened up a door of a truck in South Park, Colorado, and absolutely obliterated the truck’s interior.

If there was a Hall of Fame for destruction caused by bears, this is a sure-fire nominee.

Now, the animal looked quite content with its surroundings in the first photo shared by Colorado Park & Wildlife (below).

Sure, the rear view mirror was dangling from the ceiling. But outside of that, it looked like he was in the driver’s seat just hanging out. Perhaps smoking a doobie (it is Colorado) and listening to Classic Vinyl on Sirius-XM.

Maybe “Wooden Ships” by Crosby, Stills, & Nash is just fading and that’s when he realizes he can’t get out. Or there’s no beer in the vehicle. Making it much less desirable than the truck in Larkspur, Colorado, that was broken into in June by a bear that drank the beer inside it before stumbling away.

Regardless, bears seem to break in just fine. Exiting? That’s a struggle.

So what to do?

Rip the crap out of the car.

And it did.

In the second photo, the truck isn’t even recognizable.

It looks like a living room on the TV show Hoarders.

Door panel ruined. Cushions ripped to shreds. Things dangling which aren’t meant to dangle. Absolute annihilation.

Holy cow! We want video.

But there is good news. The bear was released and happily bounded away (photo below).

And the Colorado Parks and Wildlife department was left to issue that same old warning:

  1. Remove anything with a scent from your vehicle.
  2. Make sure to always keep your car doors locked.

See you next time.

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Bears Continue To Break Into Same Home in Aspen

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By Jimmy Orr, Cowboy State Daily

Ask any good burglar.  A nicer home can mean better loot.

Someone must have tipped off the animal world to this as the same home in Aspen, Colorado (where the average home is valued at $5.4 million) has been burglarized three times by bears in the last two years — twice in the last month.

Colorado wildlife officials say the latest break-in and theft occurred on Monday evening when a bear broke through an unlocked upstairs window.

The bear knew enough to head down to the kitchen to grab a snack before the homeowner was able to get the thief out of the house.

Apparently, the owner of the ritzy home had an airhorn handy and blasted it causing the bear to crash through a window in the basement to escape.

Luckily that bear has not found by Colorado Parks and Wildlife — yet.  The last bear-burglar suffered the ultimate penalty when it was put down shortly after a July 24 break-in to the same house.

Back in 2019, another bear (although it could have been a repeat offender) busted through dead-bolted French doors to get to the fridge.

Authorities said the individuals living in the neighborhood, for the most part, do a good job of bear-proofing their properties. 

“They do not have any unnatural attractants out and it was good to see they had the airhorn available for them to use last night. This in part is an aspect of living in bear country, but also in part learned behavior by that bear,” a spokesman said.

“If 95 percent of your community is doing everything right to live appropriately in bear country, but the other five percent is not, that is enough to habituate bears and their behavior can escalate to where they break into homes looking for food,” he said.

Now is especially a vulnerable time for bears because they’re beginning to pork-out to prepare for hibernation.

“Bears are entering hyperphagia – where they eat 20,000 calories each day to fatten up for winter. For up to 20 hours per day, they’ll be following their noses for easy, calorie-packed meals,” the department said.

Noted Wyoming outdoorsman Paul Ulrich said when people choose to live in bear country, it is critical they act responsibly.

“You gotta remember their sense of smell,” Ulrich said. “It’s incredible.”

“I remember when a friend of mine in Wapiti left a box of Froot Loops out on his patio. His security camera caught a grizzly horking down that cereal like a fat kid on an ice cream sandwich.”

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Surprised Hiker Captures Video of Grizzly Barreling Down on Two Mountain Goats

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We don’t blame the hiker for the wobbly video.

After all, if we were just feet away from a grizzly barreling down the mountainside in full pursuit of two mountain goats, our video might be wobbly too.

Especially because the grizzly had two paths it could take when the mountain goats split up.

One of the paths led to where the hiker stood. Luckily for the hiker, the grizzly chose to go after Mountain Goat B.

This is just another bear story in a year where bear stories seem to be popping up everywhere.

From the news that the number of grizzly attacks at this point in the season is a record-breaker  to the numerous accounts of bears being euthanized due to human encounters, to the recent court ruling that keep grizzly bears on the Endangered Species List, bears have been everywhere in the news.

Couple these events with the ever-present smartphone and if you want bears, you’ve got ’em.

And because of the technology, we get to see things like this video which came out of Glacier National Park in Montana and was sent to NBC Montana on Monday morning.

No word if the mountain goat survived. The hiker, for some reason, chose not to run after the grizzly to get the footage.

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