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For 143 Years, Wyoming’s Wild West Heritage Bolstered By Buffalo’s Occidental Hotel

in Wyoming Life/News
Lobby at the Occidental Hotel in Buffalo. (Courtesy Photo)

Built in 1880, 10 years before Wyoming became a state, the hotel has hosted a number of famous guests: Calamity Jane, Buffalo Bill Cody, Wister, Tom Horn, Herbert Hoover and President Teddy Roosevelt all have hung their hats at the Occidental, as have Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and Ernest Hemingway. 

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Cat Urbigkit: State Will Hear From Public on Land Deal

in Cat Urbigkit/Column/Range Writing

Last week the Wyoming Legislature adopted revisions to two draft bills that allow state officials to move forward in pursuing a huge land purchase involving 1 million acres of surface and 4 million acres of mineral rights in the checkerboard of southern Wyoming.

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Cat Urbigkit: State Leaders Don’t Want to Hear From Public on Land Deal

in Cat Urbigkit/Column

Our state leaders keep telling us that what a unique opportunity this deal is, and that the deal could be a “strategic investment” to add income to state coffers, and “unprecedented multiple-use access for the public.” But when it comes to specifics, they aren’t sharing much.

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Cat Urbigkit: House Approps Reworks State Land Deal Bill

in Cat Urbigkit/Column

On Monday the House Appropriations Committee worked until after 9 p.m. to make substantial revisions to House Bill 249 that enables Governor Mark Gordon and other members of the State Loan and Investment Board to examine and negotiate a deal for 1 million acres of surface and 4 million acres of mineral rights in southwestern Wyoming.

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Cat Urbigkit: State Trust Lands Aren’t “Public” Land

in Cat Urbigkit/Column
wild horses

Most people I’ve talked to about this proposed land deal usually respond with “What the …” and “I thought the State was broke,” but some have expressed the view that it would be good to have more public land, more public access, more areas set aside for wildlife – as if state and federal lands are managed in the same way. They aren’t.

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