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Wyoming Tribal Elder: Expansion Of Sand Creek Massacre Site ‘Long Overdue’

in Wyoming History/News

Doubling the size of the Sand Creek Massacre historic site is a step in the right direction, says a Wyoming tribal leader.

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Why Are There Giant 70-Foot Concrete Arrows All Across Southern Wyoming?

in Wyoming Life/Wyoming History/News

A network of 70-foot concrete arrows scattered across southern Wyoming were the only form of navigation for night air mail pilots in the 1920s. These now-abandoned formations have a story to tell.

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Legacy Of Tiny Hanna, Wyoming, Didn’t Die With Its Coal Miners

in Wyoming Life/Wyoming History/News

There are 127 graves marked “unknown miner” in the Hanna Cemetery for men who died in coal mine explosions more than a century ago. Some locals are working to restore them and set up a memorial to the men.

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Wyoming’s Fort Phil Kearny A Brutal Stop Along ‘Bloody’ Bozeman Trail

in Wyoming Life/Wyoming History

Fort Phil Kearny, in northern Wyoming, is offering lantern-guided “full moon tours” on October 7 and 8. The fort was only in existence for two years but it was a “bloody and gruesome” two years.

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Ghosts of Fort Laramie Haunt Wyoming Historic Site

in Wyoming Life/Wyoming History/Wyoming ghosts/Wyoming

Fort Laramie, once a hub of trading and military activity in the Wyoming Territory, also is a hub of supernatural activity. Chief Ranger Casey Osback has experienced strange phenomena himself in the 35 years he’s been there.

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Historic Sheridan Inn For Sale At $4.25 Million

in Wyoming History

The historic Sheridan Inn, which was once owned by Buffalo Bill Cody and was known as the finest hotel between Chicago and San Francisco, is up for sale at $4.25 million.

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Wyoming History: 83 Years Ago Today — The Last Stand of Earl Durand

in Wyoming History

It’s been 83 years as of Thursday, but the story of how 26-year-old Earl Durand was killed during an
attempted bank robbery in Powell after an 11-day crime spree still holds a fascination for people interested in true crime dramas. 

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New Documentary Looks At Dark Era Of Wyoming History: Heart Mountain

in Wyoming History

A dark era of Wyoming’s history is being brought into the light through the lens of a new documentary “Beyond Heart Mountain” filmed by former Cheyenne resident Alan O’Hashi.

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Wyo Weatherman Don Day Featured In WWII Documentary About Japanese Balloon Bombs

in Wyoming History/News/Don Day

Wyoming weatherman Don Day will appear in a Discovery documentary on Thursday about Japanese balloon bombs dropped on the U.S. in 1944 and 1945.

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Wyoming History: 99 Dead In Kemmerer Mine Explosion on August 14, 1923

in Wyoming History

On Aug. 14, 1923, the towns of Kemmerer and Frontier were devastated by the second-worst coal mining tragedy in Wyoming history after 99 miners were killed during a mine explosion.

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