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Don Day: Say Goodbye to Purple Monster and Hello to Warmer Weather

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The following is a rushed transcript of Don Day’s Wyoming forecast for Thursday, April 16. For best results, watch the video.

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It feels like January 16, not April 16 out there.

Better weather is coming. The current storm system willl continue to bring snow and unseasonable cold conditions throughout a good part of the day.  But I think by early to mid afternoon, I think we’ll see the snow really come to a quick end on the plains although it will continue in the high country.

Possible record cold in many areas tonight. We are looking at lows in record territory.

This storm has brought a lot of cold and snow back into the region. We are getting reports of two feet of snow or more in the mountains of southern Wyoming. 

Temperatures are going to moderate some by Friday and through the weekend.

18 inches of snow in Lander (Bill Sniffin photo)

Better weather is coming. It’s going to be more mild but not necessarily a dry pattern. I do see opportunities for more precipitation coming but the good news is that the severe cold — at least for now — is going to ease starting tomorrow and moreso by the weekend.

This is where we are right now. Here is that low we’ve been watching all week. It’s come in about as expected bringing the snow and the cold but it will head off to the east allowing a bit of a change in the weather pattern.

By Sunday, we’ll see more of a westerly flow from the Pacific. We still have a Gulf of Alaska ridge but it is not as strong.

So a more mild air flow.

As we look ahead we do see that the temperatures just get off the charts tonight and tomorrow. These are temperatures relative to average for later today.

You can see a lot of purple. Yesterday, I had several questions about the purple monster. This is the purple monster that we were talking about — the severe cold.

It’s not this purple monster but Barney was my inspiration.  Notice the color of Barney very close to the color of the severe cold showing up on the weather charts here.

We can say goodbye to Barney and the purple monster and warmer temperatures are heading our way. 

Look at all the yellow and orange.  We will see the temperatures get a little bit warmer than normal.

We do see some better days coming — not as severely cold.

You can see that with the upper level charts. This is by Tuesday morning. High pressure not nearly as strong in the Gulf of Alaska. This big low is pushing and trying to erase that.

We have this little guy in California that’s going to come our way. This is why we are saying it will be more mild but not necessarily dry.

This low will produce instability and moisture that could bring us some good old fashioned shower activity next week. At least it will be mild.

By late next week and next weekend, here’s our next troublemaker.

We have another low coming in from the Great Basin. This system needs to be watched. Right now, I’ll give it a question mark. 

But if we were to talk about the next larger storm, it will be late next week or the weekend of the 25th or the 26th with another low coming in behind it.

What we’re seeing though is notice this blue area here. It is smaller. We are seeing the polar vortex kind of losing steam as we get to late April into early May which is what we would expect.

That should mean not as much cold air getting cut loose. But at the same time, with these systems coming through, precipitation chances are going to remain fairly frequent.

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Don Day: Wyo is “Plagued By Big Purple Monster of Cold Air” as Storm Approaches

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The following is a rushed transcript of Don Day’s Wyoming weather forecast. For best results, watch the above video.

Winter Storm will be moving thru and then improving weather is coming.

We will have periods of moderate to heavy snow for many areas of southern Wyoming.  

Confidence is very high. We’ve seen this pattern dozens of times and it is one of those patterns that makes it snow and the confidence is high.

Temperatures will moderate some by Friday and then into the weekend. So there are some better days ahead.

It’s not going to get real warm but it’s going to get warmer than it is right now and more spring-like.

Heads up travelers and stockgrowers. Be prepared for the next 48 hours. We’ve got stressful livestock conditions coming.  Be prepared for winter conditions thru early Friday.

Here is the updated precipitation forecast for Wyoming. You can see that it is a forecast that basically looks the same as I’ve shown you for the last several days.

The east/west trending area of heavier precipitation. We have that really strong jet stream wind that’s coming over and on top of a Canadian cold front that is going to back up against the mountains.

Then Pacific moisture is coming in from Washington and Oregon. So basically, we have three things. Good moisture, strong upper level jet stream winds, and a surge of Canadian air.

Also, we’ve got upslope winds coming underneath. This is one of the situations where the surface winds are coming in upslope from the northeast.

But the upper level jet stream winds are coming in from the west /northwest. So they are coming in from opposite directions and that adds lift to the atmosphere. That is one reason why we are so confident that what you see here will transpire.

You can see that the I-25 corridor — Wyoming into the front range of Colorado — is under the gun for significant snow. And then Interstate 80 from southwest Nebraska and southern Wyoming all the way to Evanston.

You can see the Sno-Chi-Minh trail — Rawlins to Laramie and then Laramie to Cheyenne is going to be hit pretty hard with significant snow. And since temperatures are so cold so the roads are going to be much worse with this storm when compared to the last one.

Snowfall totals.  If we were to use a 10-1 ratio, it would look like this. You can see a lot areas are over six inches. You can see the pink. Over a foot of snow.

Because temperatures are going to be colder, this could be under-forecasted in the snow amounts.

If we use another snow forecasting tool called Cuchera, you can see that with the air colder, the snow amounts could be a little heavier.

You see in the southern mountains over 20 inches, that probably is going to take place.

Be ready for the return of winter weather conditions. By tomorrow, these are our temperatures relative to normal.

You can see plagued by this big purple monster of unseasonably cold air banked up against the front range and the continental divide.

As we go forward, things look better.

Purple monster goes away and we get some orange and yellow on the map. We start to see near average temperatures return by the middle of next week.

So it’s not all bad news.

Just to give you an example of the jet stream pattern. We’ve mentioned this over the last week or so. This is something we would normally see in mid-winter.

There is a huge trough coming in the United States and it isn’t just us, everybody in this area here across Canada and the US is experiencing very cold April weather.

By Sunday, we still have a west coast ridge but it’s not going all the way up into Alaska and the flow of air into Wyoming is more from here. More from the coastal areas of Washington, Oregon, and northern California so that means the air will be more mild.

Going out further, by next Thursday the flow is more westerly. More directed toward central and southern California which means it will get more mild.

We showed you this yesterday, there is now a trough in the Gulf of Alaska instead of a ridge.  That changes things. That means more mild Pacific air for us and less Canadian air being more directed this way.

We will see a modest warming trend this weekend through the middle of next week.

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Don Day: Wyoming Easter Winter Storm Remains on Track

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By Don Day, Cowboy State Daily

An Arctic cold front has just arrived in northern Wyoming early Saturday morning and will continue to move south during the day bringing strong north winds, plunging temperatures and rain changing to snow.

The front will be arriving in central Wyoming near Casper by late morning and the southern border by mid to late afternoon.

Temperatures which were in the 60s and 70s in many areas on Friday will only be in the 20s and 30s for Sunday and Monday with wind chills in the single digits and teens.

The heaviest snow will be in central, northeast and east central areas of the state. Places like Sheridan, Buffalo, Casper, Douglas, Lusk and Lander can expect 4 to 10 inches of snow by mid day Sunday. Snow will also be very heavy (a foot or more) in the Big Horns, Wind Rivers, Laramie Range, Snowy Range and Sierra Madre mountains. Snowfall totals will be lighter in southeast Wyoming with Laramie and Cheyenne expecting 1 to 3″.

Temperatures Sunday night will dip into the single digits and teens with temperatures remaining very cold through Monday. Below average temperatures are expected for all of next week across the Cowboy State.

Travelers and stock growers should be prepared for harsh winter conditions late today through Monday.

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Don Day: Get Ready For Winter Blast; “Spring May Be On Hold Until May”

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The following is a rushed transcript of Don Day’s Wyoming weather forecast. For best results, watch the video.

Don Day: In the short-term, the weather looks really, really good. It looks good through tomorrow and then it’s all downhill.

We have an arctic front that will be arriving in Montana by Friday night and in northern Wyoming by sunrise Saturday.

So enjoy the really good weather the next two days. Get outside if you need to do chores. Stockgrowers, take advantage of the next couple of days.

Then we’ve got this huge drop of temperatures with snow likely in most areas on Easter Sunday.  It is going to snow in most of Wyoming Sunday.

Cold will persist for a week or more.  Springs, folks I’m afraid to say, could be on hold until May.

The next two to three weeks, while there will be warm-ups, will be really short-lived.

Stockgrowers, I can’t stress strongly enough — our confidence is very high — take precautions, protect young and weak livestock really beginning in northern Wyoming Friday night and the entire night over the weekend.  

And more bouts of snow will be developing next week.

This is where we are going to be today with the jet stream pattern. The ridge is up in the Gulf of Alaska and the colder flow is staying off to our east.

We have southwest flow continuing ahead of that low out of California so we are enjoying this little sliver here of high pressure and warmer fair weather.

It is really going to be quite nice the next couple days.

However, by Saturday morning this low coming out of British Columbia is heading southeast.

Although it doesn’t look terribly impressive, this little kink in the jet stream is really driving a lot of what the weather will be.  

You see all this blue up here — that is extremely cold air that is going to come south right into the heart of the rockies and the high plains.

That’s by Saturday morning.  By Sunday afternoon, that British Columbia kink in the jet stream is right there.

There is another one right behind and another and then the Gulf of Alaska ridge is well-entrenched.

If you were to look at this and not see the date up here, you’d think it was something you’d see in January and February.

This is off the charts cold for April.  By next Wednesday night and Thursday, there is another little ripple coming through.

So there is another snow event and another reenforcement of cold weather coming in the middle of next week.

Ten days out we see the flow flatten out a little bit. So late next week and next weekend, we may have a little bit of warm-up but here comes another one and here’s another one up here and the Gulf of Alaska ridge is basically maintaining itself.

That’s the problem, as long as the Gulf of Alaska ridge is up there, the door to Canada is up there.

Look at this.  It is extremely cold air and it is on our side of the hemisphere. Over on the other side, it’s not nearly as cold.

The coldest air in the northern hemisphere is on our side for the next couple weeks.

So this guy, right here, is going to push fronts south and into the United States for the next couple weeks.

This is the precipitation outlook is thru Monday.  This does not include what is coming in the middle of next week — there is another round of snow coming.

This pattern looks very similar to what you’ve seen all week during this podcast — the northwest to southeast flow.

A lot of these areas that are blue here will see a lot of snow.  This is going to be mostly snow.  It will start as rain but it won’t last long.

This is what snow will be like if we were to imagine the snow falling at 32 degrees — a 10 – 1 ratio.  Pretty impressive as you can see.

Now with the air being really cold with this, we could use another formula. It is called ______ and it shows that we could have snow amounts that look like this thru Monday afternoon.

Kind of take the average between these two.

We are looking between 3 – 9 inches in the first ratio.  The second ratio we’ve got bigger snow amounts.

The Bighorn Mountains in Wyoming is going to get clobbered.  It will also bring significant snow to the Laramie range.  It is going to bring heavy snow to Wyoming’s southern mountains.

This type of pattern is a big snow producer. Look at the Wind Rivers.

So the big snowpack basins are going to pick up a lot of water out of this pattern.

These are the forecasted low temperatures for Monday morning. There are in fahrenheit.

Anywhere where you see grey is below zero.

It is conceivable that we have pockets of sub-zero temperatures by Monday morning.

Single digits in most of central and eastern Wyoming.

This is a mid-winter type outbreak of cold.  So for your Easter Egg hunt this year, looks like may want to be indoors.

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Don Day: Wyoming Weather Forecasting Severely Affected by Coronavirus

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The accuracy of long-term weather forecasting is being severely affected by the coronavirus pandemic, according to Wyoming meteorologist Don Day.

Day said the lack of international air travel makes it much more challenging for meteorologists to accurately predict the weather five days out and beyond.

Many airplanes making international flight, Day said, are now equipped with radar equipment called AMDAR that sends vital upper level wind, temperature, and humidity data near jet stream level information to meteorologists. Since airline traffic has decreased significantly in recent weeks, much less weather information is available for computer modeling.

“The oceans have very little weather data as it is,” Day said. “Since we don’t have nearly as many flights across the oceans, we’re not getting this weather data and this is creating a real weakness in the modeling.

“Meteorologists may be able to fill in some of the gaps with some satellite data,” he continued. “But until we get aircraft going across the oceans at the rate they were before, we are going to be looking at weather forecasts out in the five-day-plus period that are going to be very poor.”

Day said he told people frequently before the pandemic to view with skepticism any weather forecasts made for further than five days in the future.

“They should — pandemic or not — not be relied on,” Day said. “But now they should really, really not be relied on.”

Don Day Weather: Snow With Cold Temps Will Make it “Really Nasty”

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Enjoy the last few hours of spring. Another cold front will be making its way into the Cowboy State.

And this cold front is really cold. Wyoming weatherman Don Day says winter weather is back and part of the state will experience snow and temperatures close to zero.

Watch the video above or read the rushed transcript below.

It is going to be really cold, here. Over the next 48 hours, most of you will experience mild temperatures today, Thursday and Friday will feel like February.

Temperatures will be between 25 and 35 degrees below average.

The next 48 hours will not be fun. Especially for those who feel cooped up and who doesn’t.

You have a little bit of an opportunity for awhile today before the bad weather comes in on Thursday and Friday.

Over the next three days, this is what the precipitation forecast looks like over the intermountain west.

You can see the blue area. The blue area is where we are going to see the heavier snow.

There is a strip that goes southwest to northeast across south central Wyoming through central and east central Wyoming and up to the Black Hills.

This axis — right here — could end up a bit more north or it will probably end up a little more south than the model shows.

It could be more like this as the system sinks in as the really cold Canadian air coming in behind it.

This is what the snowfall output looks like. The heavier snow is underneath the heavier band.

This is probably going to end up a little south. Central and east central Wyoming and along I-80 here is where the bulk of the heavier snow will fall.

Most of this will be snow. It will start off as rain. There will even be south thunderstorm activity in southeastern Wyoming later today as this front approaches.

Be ready for winter weather. By our standards, this is not a big spring snow storm. But some snow with the really cold temperatures will make it downright nasty.

A lot of purple on this map.  This is a very cold air mass for early April.

You’ve seen this before. This is a really big drop in temperatures coming.

Anyone in calving operations, you want to protect livestock for a good 48 hours from this pending cold snap.

These are our overnight temperatures on Friday morning. These are fahrenheit not celsius.

In the grey area, these are single digits to below zero. There is a pocket here in northeastern Wyoming.

Teens, lower 20s. And this is early April. This is a very cold wave coming with Wyoming in the bullseye in the cold temperature readings.  So when you wake up on Friday it won’t feel like April at all.

However, we will see some rebounding temperatures this weekend.

Don Day: Get Ready for Winter Weather “With a Vengeance”

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Wyoming’s weatherman Don Day says enjoy the nice weather while we have it because winter is coming back.

Conjuring John McClain: With a vengeance. Yippee-Ki-Yay.

You can watch the whole forecast in the video (above) or you can follow along here. This is a rushed transcription of Don Day and we added some slides in to make it easier to follow.

“We’ve got a bit of winter I’m afraid to say coming our way.

The last thing you want to hear that it is going to get cold and wintry again but it will in many areas.

We have a strong Pacific cold front coming our way that is going to bring much colder temperatures and some snow.

It is going to be much colder than average and it will be unsettled. But it usually is in the first half of April.

We’ve got some episodes of probably much colder than normal temperatures at times during the first half of the month.

Our patience is going to be tried certainly by the weather over the next two – three weeks.

European model

As for the precipitation thru Friday, the European model shows a lot of blue and yellow. You can see all the yellow up in the Yellowstone National Park, Jackson, and the Wind Rivers.

There’s going to be a big flow of moisture from the northwest. That’s a really good pattern for the Yellowstone plateau to get some late season snowpack as well as the Big Horns here.

European model

You can see it spreading into the central and southern parts of the state too.

There is this axis of heavier moisture that will form along the front here. As the front comes across the state, some upper level moisture and energy will converge in this area and we are expecting to have some fairly decent amounts of snow that I think will cause some travel concerns.

European model

The American model is much more wet than the European model. Both models are showing the same areas will get moisture so that’s good consistency.

But the moisture on the American model is twice as much as the European model. When you see a situation like this, we usually split the difference.

American model

But where will the moisture fall?

There is an axis of light to moderate precipitation in this area here. A bullseye of heavier moisture in Wyoming’s northwest mountains.

American model

If this model ends up being more correct, we will have travel impacts for sure on I-25 and I-80 because temperatures are going to be really cold with this system.

Let’s take a look at the snowfall output.

European model snowfall

This is the European model. This may be under-doing the forecast a bit but the important thing to show you here is how widespread the snowfall is going to be. It also shows you how cold the air will be behind the cold front.

Temperature change

Here is the temperature change as we get on into Thursday afternoon. What you see here aren’t temperatures. This represents the deviation from normal.

You can see along the divide here, the cold air really comes in and temperatures are 25 as much as 35 degrees below average by Thursday with the deepest coldest air along this purple boundary right here.

Map showing temperature deviation from normal

When you are talking 25-30 degrees before normal that is a serious cold wave , no matter what time of year it is.  This will grab your attention for sure.

We could conceivably have some areas in the upper single digits for lows.

Overnight Thursday and Friday it is possible.

This is the forecast for Thursday afternoon. The Pacific front is right along the axis here and here’s the cold air coming right up out of Canada and behind this trough.

There is plenty of cold air that will be funneling in with this system.

By the weekend, we do get into a southwest flow again so this will be the typical roller coaster ride for spring.

Warm air by the weekend

Over the weekend and early next week, it will warm-up but by late Tuesday to Wednesday the trough swings thru and that should bring mountains snow and rain and snow in the plains.

Look at all that blue. That’s a lot of very cold air for this type of year. And look at the jet stream. 

This cold doesn’t have a way to escape this way. It will get driven south first. And if we go out further to 15 days from now, boy look at that. That is cold. This is for April 15.

We think the first half of April while it is going to have some warm periods, but it also will have more opportunities for winter weather to come. 

When we see a pattern like this in the middle of April, we are always concerned with the larger, bigger storm system coming together with people calving in the month of April, stockgrowers pay attention.

Thanks for watching.

Don Day’s Wyoming Weather Forecast for Thursday, March 26

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Unsettled weather is going to be the rule. Scattered rain and snow and fog will be found across the lower elevations again today.

A stronger storm system is still poised to move in on Friday and early Saturday. But we have horrendous computer model agreement, I am afraid to say. Like last week’s storm.

Now better weather is coming in behind the system for Sunday and early next week.

Although I have to tell you that the models are in complete disarray once we get past next Wednesday.

So we aren’t going to talk too far into the future today. Hopefully we will have more clarity tomorrow.

Here is the upper level low coming in the California coast — this is by early Friday. You can see that we’ve got the storm system coming into the four corners area.

It is not closed off yet though We really like to see these four corners low get closed off right here about this time to become a big impactful storm for the front range of Wyoming and Colorado.

However, by Saturday morning, the system does get better organized. We have the closed low over northwest Kansas and this will bring some upslope into this area here during late Friday and into Saturday morning.

These are the areas affected the most. This is looking almost identical to the storm we had a week ago.

The heaviest precipitation in northeast Colorado and portions of Nebraska. That is where the heaviest moisture will fall.

On the backside of this system, more of a moderate event of rain and snow. But it is an impactful storm, nonetheless.

We are going to have some stout and strong northwest winds again on the backside of this system as it moves thru Friday night and Saturday.

So if you are traveling in this area, be prepared for wet to slick to slushy roads especially above 6,000 feet. Stockgrowers be ready for cold, wet, windy conditions in this area here which will affect young and weak livestock.

Snowfall totals look like this. Now, I do expect that there will be a high degree of variability in terms of who gets the heaviest snow and not.

But if we were to go with the higher terrain, especially above 5,000 and 6,000 feet is where the most snow is falling.

Out on the plains of Colorado and Kansas and Nebraska, stockgrowers need to watch out for wet, spring, wind-driven snow.

Again, this is almost identical to what happened a week ago.

The upper level low moves out into the Great Lakes area on Wednesday and Thursday.

And look at this: we’ve got an area of high pressure moving in.

So as we get into Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, we are likely to have some good weather.

So we get a happy face. Better weather which a lot of folks would like to have. We have it early next week.

But up here we have another trough and by the second half of next week, these systems could be moving in.

However, they may also stay up here and stay up in Canada. There is a lot of disagreement.

One thing that we do see: we have a storm to deal with on Friday and early Saturday, then we have a break in the weather for Sunday through Tuesday and maybe lasting into Wednesday.

Thanks for listening and watching the Day Weather Podcast. Have a good day.

Don Day’s Wyoming Weather Forecast: Southeast Wyoming Will Have a Blizzard

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This is a rushed transcription of the Don Day weather forecast for Wednesday, March 18. For best results, watch the above video.

It’s Wednesday, March 18. Let’s take a look at the weather. The storm is still on track folks. We have seen a lot of consistency in most of the computer modeling.

The models we trust the most have been extremely consistent in showing us the developing storm tonight and Thursday across northeastern Colorado. 

Confidence remains high. We are going to see this as being a relatively small storm in geographical scales. It won’t cover as much ground as we have seen other March storms do.

But where it will impact will be high. There is a big gradient in terms of who gets snow and who doesn’t.

Depending on whether you are watching this podcast, you could be under a blizzard warning or nothing at all.

Blizzard conditions are likely on Thursday and Thursday night for southeastern Wyoming. This will lead to dangerous travel and livestock conditions.

Travel will be very difficult on Thursday through Friday morning in many areas of Wyoming and parts of Colorado and Nebraska as well.

This is the updated forecast of precipitation totals. This is what we call liquid. If you were to measure this as if it fell as rain.  You can see the blue and the yellow and orange colored areas.

Anywhere you see yellow, you are looking at over an inch of liquid water. Anything that is blue or darker is a half-inch to 3/4 of an inch.

This is the area here that will have the heaviest of precipitation.

If you have been watching this week, the maps have been very consistent at showing the heaviest precipitation along this east/west axis across southeastern Wyoming.

We have also seen a real increase here in the available moisture for northeastern Colorado including Colorado’s northern front range.

Notice the big gradient. You go to almost nothing north of Casper and almost nothing south of I-70.  It is a rather narrow area of where the heaviest precipitation is going to fall.

This is the area right here where we are having the most concern in terms of really core winter conditions and travel conditions and livestock conditions. 

Let’s convert this to snow. This is what we see using a 10-1 ratio.  This may be a situation where these amounts that you see here may be somewhat underdone in some areas.

But there is a swath of snow that goes right underneath the band of precipitation with the higher elevations, you are really noticing the pink.  These are areas that are above 7,000/8,000 feet and higher.

You also notice significant snows along the Colorado front range and the I-25 corridor and the I-80 corridor of Wyoming.

Let’s focus in on the same map I showed you so you can see the snowfalls total I showed you earlier.  These are 10-1 ratios.  We may see some of these amounts higher.

One area in particular area — northern Laramie County, southern Goshen county, southern Platte county. There is some higher ground here — higher terrain — where the northeast upslope winds may enhance the snowfall amounts. 

I would not be surprised right here — there are many areas that could receive a foot of snow.  A foot of snow in the Laramie range.  Between Laramie and Cheyenne is a good bet.  Snowy Range. The mountains of northern Colorado really showing a lot of snowfall as well with this storm system.

The wind is a problem. This is why we have a blizzard warning in effect. These are forecasted wind gusts by noon tomorrow.

By noon tomorrow, we will have winds gusting 30-40mph and this combined with all this snow I showed you, will cause a lot of blowing and drifting, zero visibilities at times, and those blizzard conditions.

Also, there is going to be some strong winds here along Interstate 80. The snow won’t be as heavy, the wind will cause a lot of blowing snow and difficult travel conditions.

Then we have the next storm system of interest. This is a forecast map for next Wednesday. We have a low here, a low here, a low here, and a low here.

None of these look terribly big, we have a lot of weather coming in off the Pacific and will move into western U.S.

We will see more action with the weather in the next 7 days.  First things first is focusing on the storm in the short-term.

Don Day’s Wyoming Weather Forecast for Monday, March 2

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[This is a rushed transcript of Don Day’s weather forecast for Monday, March 2. For best results, watch the above video].

It’s Monday, March 2. Thanks for tuning into the Day Weather Podcast. Well, the storm system that came in over the weekend, while it didn’t produce a ton of snow, it certainly once again caused big problems.

This was Interstate 80 between Rawlins and Wamsutter across southern Wyoming yesterday afternoon. Giant pile-up, chain reaction, crashes, and Interstate 80 eastbound is going to be closed at least for a day between Wamsutter to Rawlins to Laramie area.

The good news is that storm system is moving on out. And actually folks, we have a pretty quiet stretch of weather coming our way this week. And dare I say, by the end of the week it is going to get springlike.

We have to get thru today. Here is the jet stream pattern. You can see the upper level low here in California is what threw moisture this way over the cold front that came through the area during the day Sunday.

As we talked about last week, Pacific air and Canadian air is always a recipe for winter weather.

The good news is this system is going to pull away and look at this: by late Thursday into Saturday, we have a nice area of high pressure which is developing. That system is going to head off to the east.

We are going to be clipped by a little system Wednesday and Thursday but we don’t expect it to do much for us.

I think you’ll notice is this area of high pressure comes in Thursday afternoon and lasts through Saturday.

We could see 50 and 60 degree temperatures — springlike weather under this high starting in this Thursday afternoon through Saturday timeframe.

For those of you who watch these videos and listen to the podcast, you know that upstream is what we’re always looking for. Notice all the waves that are forming. We’ve got four waves here in this forecast across North America by the end of the week.

What tends to happen is we get into these roller coaster situations. We get winter weather, spring weather, winter weather, and back to spring weather.

With this next system upstream and another one behind it, you can guess what’s coming later on.

As we get into Sunday and Monday, that low up there splits up and forms a deep close-low up the west coast. Then we’ve got this wave coming through Sunday and Monday which will likely bring colder weather and snow.

And that Pacific low will throw moisture this way over the cold Canadian air again. So we may have a similar situation Sunday and Monday that we just went through.

And this low off of the west coast is going to spin around in counter clockwise fashion off the west coast for a few days. That could move in mid to late next week.

We’ve got a lot on the table. The good news about this time of year is in between storm systems we do get springlike weather systems that come in like we’re going to get at the end of the week.

Get through today. Tuesday through Friday and Saturday’s weather really looks pretty good. Sunday and Monday is when we we need to watch out for winter weather again.

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